The Fellowship Program for the 19th APAN Conference

Bangkok, Thailand (Jan.25 - 28, 2005)


1. About the APAN Fellowship Program

For the upcoming APAN Meetings in Bangkok, Thailand, we will sequentially support Fellows to attend the meeting and workshops. The major conference will be held from January 25 through January 28, 2005.

Fellowships are offered on a competitive basis, to be chosen from participating economies in APAN. Specifically, students (graduates and undergraduates) are encouraged to apply, although young Ph.Ds may be accorded sponsorship. Applicants whose papers are accepted for presentations will have favored status. A short note from the candidate on his/her motivation to participate may also help the reviewers in their final selection.

Considerations will be given to individuals who are a part of APAN's primary and associate members, or affiliates and liaison members. However, since we design the Fellowship Program to encourage contributions to the further development in the APAN community, our selection priority will focus on candidates who exhibit such qualities. The ability to engage in collaborative research and development, with a mentor, or under the guidance of a professor, will be highly valued. After all, the Fellowship Program is for human resources development, and we wish to foster the development of talents who will impact on this community in the future.

2. What are included in the Fellowship Program?

The Fellowship Program funds travel supports for expenses listed below:

- The Registration Fee that covers APAN meeting attendance, the events, and the reception. 
- Meals for the duration supported (Jan.25-Jan.28, 2005) 
- Accommodations for FIVE nights
(Check-in time is after 14:00pm of Jan.24, and Check-out time is before 11:00am of Jan.29.).
* FIVE nights (Jan.24 - Jan.28, 2005) will be paid by Fellowship Program, fellows must pay for additional stays by themselves 


- Airfare is NOT provided.
- Information about the conference: 

3. How to Apply

Applications may be submitted at any time. They will be processed and reviewed as they come in. Please act quickly by filling out the form below and send it to: 
Qualified individuals will be notified by email.

Please apply ASAP. Processing of applications takes time. Applicants who require an invitation letter should write to the address above. It is the applicant's responsibility to exercise caution to ensure that he or she completes the application ASAP or risk aborted application.

4. Deadline for application:

September 26, 2004 
(For exceptional situation only. No further extension past this date)

5. Date for award announcement:

October 19, 2004 

Sincerely yours,

Jie An
Chair, APAN Fellowship Committee



Fellowship Application for the 19th APAN Conference in Bangkok, Jan 25-28, 2005

Send it to : when completed.
Deadline for application: September 26, 2004 
(For exceptional situation only. No further extension past this date) 

Applicant's Profile

First Name:____________ Last Name (family name):____________
Gender: ___ Male; ___ Female
Birth of Date:
Email address:
Phone number (with country code and city code):
Fax number (with country code and city code):
Passport No.:
(Be sure to notify us if you do not yet have a valid passport at the time of application)
Postal address:
Current Position or Year in (College / Graduate School):
Motivation to participate: (a short write-up stating why you want to attend the 19th Bangkok Meeting).