Earth Monitoring WG Meeting

Time : Jan 27  16:00-17:30
Place : Room E
Chair : Chris Elvidge
Secretary: Watcharapong Siripoon

Agenda :

1. Roll call.
2. Review of EM-WG workshop.
3. Review of EM-WG activities (primarily EO data transfers).
4. Nomination and selection of co-chair (Elvidge is stepping down as
co-chair) and vice-chairs.
5. Planning for new WG activities including expansion of EO data transfers.
6. Planning for upcoming workshops at APAN conferences.



On-Going Activity
TRM data transfers from NASA-GSFC to JAXA. email list established

Work group opportunities
Added some opportunity
Shift from EO-WG back to EM-WG?
Agree to change the name back to EM-WG.

Plans for Taipei August 2005
Include one session on disaster warning

Selection of New Co-chairs and Vice-Chairs
Co-chairs for two year terms
1) Dr.Pakorn Apaphant, GISTDA
2) Dr.Chris Elvidge, NGDC

Prof. Fukui, JAXA


1. Izumi Nagatani
2. Isao Nakanishi
3. Pakorn Apaphant
4. Stephen Kingham
5. Jai Ho Oh
6. Denis Villorente