Election Committee  Meeting

Time : Jan 26  16:00-17:30
Place : Room F
Chair : George McLaughlin

Attendance: Denis, Lawrence, George and Yan Ma

  1. As set out in clause 7.1 of the APAN Bylaws, the elected officers of APAN
    1. APAN Chair
    2. APAN Vice-Chairs
    3. APAN Treasurer
    4. APAN Committee Chairs

    The above positions were filled at the 18th APAN meeting in July 2004. There is no requirement for an election at the 19th APAN meeting

  2. As set out in clause 7.3 of the APAN Bylaws, the term of an elected officer is 2 years. An individual may hold the office for a maximum of 2 consecutive terms of office. Thereafter he must abstain from the same office for a minimum period of 2 years
  3. As set out in clause 7.6 of the APAN Bylaws, elections shall be carried out at an APAN Meeting immediately preceding the expiry of the term of office of elected officers. Each newly elected officer shall hold the post of Officer-Elect and work closely with the incumbent officer to ensure smooth transfer of responsibilities and tasks on 1 July.
  4. Consequent to items 2 and 3 above, the next elections for the positions set out in 1 above will be held at the 21st APAN meeting in Tokyo with those elected to take up their positions on 1 July 2006
  5. The Election Committee proposes to call for nominations for the positions set out in 1 above in October 2005, prior to the election to be held the 21st APAN meeting in February 2006.

Advisory note from the Election Committee:
The current holders of the positions set out 1 above will be eligible to stand for a second term (if nominated). The maximum period of office is two 2-year terms. If all current officers are elected for a second term, none of them will be eligible to stand at the following election. This is not an immediate concern as this situation would not occur until July 2008, and the likelihood is that there will be natural retirement by some occupants before that time.

George McLaughlin
on behalf of the Election Committee
27 January 2005


1. Denis Villorente
2. Lawrence Wong
3. George McLaughlin
4. Yan Ma