Event Committee Meeting

Time : Jan 25  11:00-12:30
Place : Room H
Chair : Mizushima Akira

Minutes of Event Committee Meeting

Time: 1st meeting Jan 25, 11:00-12:30 (Room G)
2nd meeting Jan 27, 08:00-09:00 (Room E)
Chair: Akira Mizushima
Secretariat: Pipot Abdon

1st meeting:

  1. Roll call
  2. Hosting future APAN Member Meetings

    2.1 Detailed presentations for the next two meetings were presented

      2.2 Formal candidacy presentations
      For the 23rd meeting were presented but no representative from Xian and Banff in the meeting

      • 23rd (2007.1/2)
      • 24th (2007.7/8)
        Xi An
        Banff (or Vancouver)

  3. Discussions

2nd meeting:
1. Hosting future APAN Member Meetings (Continued)

1.1 For the 23rd APAN meetings, a decision will be made within a month
after email discussion with Denis/ASTI and Heather (David)/I2 from the Hawaii group.
1.2 For the 24th APAN meetings, discussion will be held in the Taipei

Minutes of Event Committee Meeting in Cairns
Call for host of 23rd (2007.1/2) and 24th (2007.7/8) APAN meetings


1. Satoshi Sekiguchi
2. Kazunori Konishi
3. Shigeki Goto
4. Bokgyu Joo
5. Denis Villorente
6. Nooraida Naser
7. Jun Matsukata
8. Simon C. Lin
9. Vicky Huang
10. Yong-Jin Park
11. Yan Ma
12. Yaowalak Khonklong
13. Lee Bu Sung
14. Ying Liu
15. Yasuichi Kitamura
16. Lawrence Wong
17. Heather Boyles
18. Dr. Donya
19. Pipot