HDTV WG  Meeting

Time : Jan 26  14:00-15:30
Place : Room F
Chair : Jongwon Kim

(Objective) This meeting is designed to discuss WG activities
on promoting the development of network-based delivery of HD
(high-definition) video.

- Reports: Member reports & HDV over IP technology update (All members)

- Multi-Channel High Definition Live Streaming: Technology and Experiments
(speaker: USC Roger Zimmermann) [recorded presentation]

This talk presents our work in the area of high definition video streaming, the technology we have developed and our experimental experiences.
There are numerous challenges when implementing HD media streaming. We have focused on compressed streams (MPEG-2) with bandwidth requirements that makes them suitable for today's Internet. The challenges for live and interactive applications include minimizing the end-to-end latency, improving the transmission error resilience, and efficient video rendering at the destination. To this end we have explored both software and hardware decoders, assessing their strengths and weaknesses and determining their applicability. The technology is presented in the context of a number of experiments that our group has conducted over the last year. Our target is the creation of the complete aural and visual ambience that places a person or a group of people in a virtual space where they can experience events occurring at a remote site or communicate naturally regardless of their location.

A recent demonstration towards this goal included the two-way, interactive streaming between Inha University in Korea and USC in Los Angeles.
Expanding beyond a single stream in each direction, the first multi-channel HD streaming exhibit was demonstrated at the Fall 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting held at the University of Texas at Austin in September of 2004.
Our HYDRA technology was used for the Gala Event of the conference to stream four-channels of live, high definition video capturing the performers of UT Austin's Miro string quartet and rendering them virtually at a second venue.

- Koreav6: HDTV@IPv6 (speaker: GIST JongWon Kim / ANF HDTV/IPv6 TF)

KOREAv6 is the name of national strategic project which is initiated to promote employment of the IPv6 from 2003 in KOREA. The main focus of KOREAv6 is to popularize IPv6 and to verify functional aspects of IPv6 equipments and solutions.
As part of this IPv6 initiative, selected members of ANF HDTV/IPv6 TF joined forces to conduct IPv6 pilot operation on HDTV. In this talk, we will introduce the scope and outcome of this pilot HDTV over IPv6 project.

- Sub-Gbps Uncompressed HDTV over IP Trials (speaker: GIST Donghoon Yi on behalf of ANF HDTV TF)

Recently, several sub-Gbps HDTV variants have been developed by KAIST and GIST of ANF HDTV TF in Korea. In this talk, three kinds of massive HDTV delivery applications such as uncompressed stored HDTV(885Mbps), decompressed live HDV(221Mbps), and SMPTE 274M compressed HDTV(270Mbps) will be introduced.

- Discussion on HDTV over IP collaboration (all participants) to promote APAN collaboration on Uncompressed HDTV & HDV



1. Kazuyuki Shudo
2. Jon Cau
3. Kenji Tanaka
4. Kazuhiko Nakamura
5. Dong Hoon Lee
6. Andrew Howard
7. Egon Verharen
8. Usman Sarwar
9. Yao-Tsang Wang