Natural Resource Area Meeting

Time : Jan 27  17:30- 18:30
Place : Room E
Chair : Seishi Ninomiya
Secretary: Panupong Piyawongsomboon

Agenda :
1. Roll call
2.  WGs reports
3. Summary of the activities in the last term (2 years)
4. Nomination and election of new area director and other positions
5.  Plans and discussions for the activities in the next term
6. Others


Meeting Minutes

1) Roll Call <Check attendance list>

2) WG reports

WS: Earth monitoring & warning
Work group presentation on Earth observation:
(Find presentation file)
- on going activities
- Recent Event
- Opportunities
- Plan for Tai Pai 2005

Ask: To change the name from "earth observation-work group" to "Earth monitoring-work group"
- All agree

Ask: Professor Fukui nominated to be vice-chair
- have some problem with Professor Fukui's behalf whether from the university or JAXA
- Co-Chair remain the same

Ask:Should we take care of food security & food safety?
- Joint with US. And Japan in helping this topic.

Ask: Do we have system that helps in research and implementation in the area?
- Many things to be solve so far, International collaboration still hard.

What we can do is providing some standard & system to create success in the field?

Earth system work group report
("2005 APAN Report-ESWG" file name)

3) Bangkok NR Report files

4) Nomination

Chris: Nominate "Pisut" to be AREA DIRECTOR (2 supports)
"Co-Chair System" proposed
Pisut "Quoted for hard-working person to be in any position"
Matthew "Video conference"

Nominated as Co-chair area director
- Professor Seishi Ninomiya elected as director
- Chris elected as co-chair
- Pisut elected as co-chair

Other Comment:

Issue - Session overlap in meeting
Solution: Make the wide-range field meeting (more time on plenary) i.e. propose topic to plenary for more people can attend.

Agriculture work group:

(Presentation file of IT Agriculture & Rural development)
(Suggestion from participant files)
(Report of work group 25/01/2005)

Issue - Suggestion from participants

1) Joint Session MW group & NR for support & development field sever & met broker
2) Field sever education
3) Met broker standard
4) Limitation
5) Etc


1. Matthew Laurenson
2. Akira Mizushima
3. Chris Elvidge
4. Izumi Nagatani
5. Denis Villorente
6. Faridah Noor Mohd Noor
7. Suhaimi Napos
8. Pakorn Apaphant
9. Koichi Ohashi
10. Isao Nakanishi