North Asia Net Group  Meeting

Time : Jan 27  11:00-12:30
Place : Room E
Chair : Simon C. Lin
Secretary :
Pipot Abdon



Several updates on the connectivity between the members have been reported. A concern was raised regarding the difficulty of identifying main contact point for each member of the group as well those outside the North Asia Net Group that they want to collaborate with. An example was given on the telemedicine application between Japan and Thailand. In this connection, members were asked to provide this information. Representatives from Thailand informed of the group of the newly created ThaiREN and that this is going to be the main contact point for Thailand ( and

It was also suggested that some information can be found in the APAN website and that APAN-JP keeps a mailing list of the main contacts for Japan (contact Konishi-san for more information on this). It was also suggested to use the APAN contacts as much as possible. ANF is the main contact for Korea.

Several members also mentioned the importance of applications such as high energy physics and that collaboration between the members on this should be strengthened.

It was confirmed that Hong Kong is a member of APAN and that they will be present tomorrow by videoconferencing during the general assembly meeting. Due to the complex network map of this group, routing issue might not be solved in the near future and might need to establish a WG to work on this. Given the applications that they want to run on the network, it is very important to find the shortest way possible to each member. Kitamura-san suggested a BGP session to setup a concrete connection between each member and was requested to setup a mailing list for this so they can continue discussing this issue.

Lawrence and David West both expressed that all these progress on the connectivity between members is a very welcome development and should trigger more collaboration between the members. Now the connectivity is in place, we just need to worry about how to organize all the players to start collaborative projects.


1. Fay Sheu
2. Yan Baoping
3. Okamura Koji
4. BK Kim
5. Chalermpol
6. Kitamura
7. Yasuo
8. Seo Bo-Hyun
9. David West
10. YJ Park
11. Lee Jaehwa
12. Jianpung Wu
13. Kanchana
14. Lawrence
15. Vicky Huang
16. Simon C. Lin