Primary Council Meeting

Time : Jan 25  14:00-15:30
Place : Room H
Chair : Shigeki Goto

Agenda :
1. Roll call and the appointment of the minutes taker
2. New member applications
primary member (PERN, Pakistan)
industrial member (*)
3. Membership fee and fiscal year
4. New APAN advisory strategy committee
5. Overview of Bangkok meeting
6. AOB(*) There is one potential application. It is being confirmed.


An application for primary membership from Tanveer Ul-Haq on behalf Pakistan Education Research Network was received and Prof. Goto suggested that the application be approved. It was suggested to ask them for more information such as more information about their network and if they represent the greater internet community of the country. It was agreed to accept their application in principle while getting more information about the organization. It is also suggested that they be invited to the next APAN meeting and organizing committee will assist in acquiring the necessary visa.An application

from Westin Building was also mentioned. This organization provide equipment to Telcos and interested in APAN because of its association with Internet2. APAN only received email communication from this organization and even this is not so good. Like PERN, they are not present in this meeting. Prof. Goto will keep contacting the organization to check on their interests in joining APAN.

After the long discussions on the issue of membership fee and fiscal year, it was agreed that the following motions will be raised during the General Assembly:

Motion 1:

Arising from the adoption of the fiscal year to run from 1 January to 31 December at the APAN Meeting in Cairns in July 2004, members recognize that there is a transition from legacy membership periods to this new calendar year based membership period. As such, members will make good any prorated adjustments in their membership dues to align to this new calendar year based membership period.

Motion 2:

Membership dues can be paid in partial payments not exceeding 4 payments per year, notwithstanding that members should strive to settle their membership dues in single annual payments to reduce administrative overheads.

Proposer: APAN Treasurer
Seconder: George McLaughlin, AARNET

Prof. Goto presented the need for an adhoc advisory committee that will help him in creating long term strategies. After a long exchange of views (for and against), it was decided to create this committee with the following members:


1. Lawrence Wong
2. Ying Liu
3. Yu-lin Chang
4. Simon C. Lin
5. Vicky Huang
6. Dae Young Kim
7. George McLaughlin
8. Denis Villorente
9. Matthew Laurenson
10. Nimal Ratnayake
11. Wanchai Rivepiboon
12. Yaowalak Khonklong
13. Sureswaran Ramadass
14. Nooraida Naser
15. Shigeki Goto