Program Committee Meeting

Time : Jan 27 12:30-14:00
Place : Room A
Chair : Bok-Gyu Joo
Secretariat: Pipot Abdon
List of participants: BG Joo, Pipot, Kitamura-san, Jacqueline Brown, Chris Elvidge, Seishi-san, Yan Ma, Chunyan, Vicky, L. Chen, Ted Hans, Simon

Agenda :
1. Roll call
2. Agenda bashing
3. Brief review of Bankok conference program
4. APAN Conference Program for Teipei Meetings
20th apan meetings in Teipei, 8/23-27 2005, Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei
- Review of workshop/session proposals
- Drafting programs
- program committee milestones
5. Tutorials
- Issue of registration fee
- Tutorial chair(?)
6. Other business
- Candidates for keynote speech
- Updates of committee members
7. Next committee meeting


Meeting Minutes

After the introductions, members noted that most of them didn't receive a copy of announcement made to the program committee members. It was decided to revisit the committee's mailing list to check the email addresses available there.

Comments given on the 19th APAN meeting include:

All these comments will be used to guide the planning of the next meeting and the new APAN secretariat will also help in the process.

Workshop Proposals Received for Taipei Meetings (as of 1/27/05)

Groups asking for more slots should be prepared to conduct some sessions during the first day (tutorials) or towards the end of the conference.

Action Point: Request each Area Director and WG Chair to nominate one plenary speaker.

It was suggested that the registration fee for the tutorials be removed. This might encourage more participation from the locals as well. But this action will mean that the organizing committee needs to secure more funds (e.g. sponsors) to shoulder the costs. The CISCO tutorial conducted in this meeting was suggested as a good example.

Tony Hey was nominated as a candidate to give a keynote speech for the next meeting. Chris will make the initial contact about his availability and interest. The second speaker is going to be identified by the chair of the organizing committee of the next meeting.

Prof. Joo will work with the APAN secretariat to update the mailing list for to include the contacts for the Taipei and Tokyo meeting in addition to the members of this committee.

Before the meeting was adjourned, it was decided to conduct a follow-up meeting tomorrow (Jan 28) from 8:00-9:009 to draft the conference schedule.

End of minutes

Attendance to WG/Comm Meetings

BG JooPipot, Kitamura-san, Jacqueline Brown, Chris Elvidge, Seishi-san, Yan Ma, Chunyan, Vicky, L. Chen, Ted Hans, Simon

Second Program Committee Meeting Minutes

Jan. 28, 2005, 8:00-9:00am, Room A, Watergate Hotel, Bangkok
Attendance: Vicky Huang, Ted Hans, Chris Elvidge, Yasuichi Kitamura, Kazunori Konishi, Wanchai, Seishi Ninomiya, Chunyan Wang, Ying Liu , Jacqueline Brown, Pisuth Paiboonrat, Matsumoto Kazuyoshi, Simon Lin, BG Joo, Pipot, Suhaimi Napis


The summary and output of this meeting were best presented in the report that Prof. Joo made in the General Assembly. A copy of this was distributed to the members and is also available from the APAN website (

Additional issues/comments that were discussed:

* Plenary topics identified were Huge Data Transfer, Global Collaboration, Network Tech + Applications(on IPv6?), possibly one from NR topic and one from the Taipei organizers

* The goal of' Network technology + Application sesion' is to have network engineers talk in a language that application people can understand and vice versa

* The group allowed the proposal from SIP WG to conduct two 1-day tutorials

* APAN 101 will be conducted on the evening of the first day

* For country updates, it is suggested (for the secretariat) to prepare a web page. The news would be collected from each country if any. Jacqueline volunteered to take care of some of this issue for her Global Collaboration session.

* The secretariat will coordinate the conduct of monthly tele-conference session. It was agreed that this will be held on the Friday of the last week of every month at 8-10am Bangkok time. (The first hour is for organizing committee meeting and the second hour is for program committee meeting.) The Secretariat has to make a calendar to be distributed to all the members of this committee.