Secretariat Meeting

Time: Jan 25, 9:00 - 10:00 (Room G)
Chair: Dr. Wanchai
Secretariat: Pipot Abdon


Meeting minutes:

Dr. Wanchai formally started the meeting by welcoming the group and introducing the agenda. The members of the new secretariat were presented and each made an introduction. On the slide about the proposed activities of the secretariat, a comment was made that the secretariat should facilitate the creation of WG or BoF as APAN has existing procedures on this.

On the topic of finances, the group was informed that the cost of operation next year will probably be lower than 2005 as there are some setup fee (one-time cost) incurred during the transfer and setup of the new location of the secretariat. The secretariat was asked to prepare a projection of expenditure for 2005 separating the running cost from one-time cost.

For additional income for the secretariat, Dr.Donya asked the group if they know the rule about the secretariat receiving 20% of the net income from the conduct of an APAN meeting. As some of the participants in this meeting are not aware of this, it was decided to seek clarification on this issue.

It was also suggested that the secretariat update the information on the website regarding the next APAN meeting in Taipei as it is already late. Also, that the information on the new team should be available there.

The local organizers of the Taipei meeting were asked to make a presentation during the Thursday dinner.

1. Chunyan Wang
2. Denis Villorente
3. Vicky Huang
4. Ying Liu
5. Kazunori Konishi
6. Nooraida Naser
7. Jun Matsukata
8. Lee Buu Sung
9. Simon C. Lin
10. BG Joo
11. Taweesak
12. Dr. Donya
13. Dr. Wanchai
14. Pipot