Primary Council Meeting on TEIN

Time : Jan 26 12:00-14:00
Place : Room E

This special meeting was called to deliberate on the pending setup of intra and inter regional link from Europe (TEIN) and how APAN should handle this. At the moment, there is no collective voice from APAN and TEIN is working with each country. Denis added that TEIN has 2 meetings scheduled in the next few months (March and May) and that their big concern at this stage is the sustainability of the project once the EC support stop. The following comments were made during the discussions:

After the long deliberation, the group came up with the following recommendations:


1. Shigeki Goto
2. Sures
3. Jianping Wu
4. Yong Jin Park
5. DY Kim
6. Lawrence Wong
7. Denis Villorente
8. Lee Bu Sung
9. Borhanuddin Mohd Ali
10. George McLaughlin
11. Panjai (