Version 4

"Advanced Network" Journal Publication - draft proposal

1. Background

APAN community had the full paper publications in the past such as in
Japan in late 1990s(through Springer), and in China in 2000s(through China
academic journal) based on APAN conferences.

Many APAN participants are from universities and research institutes, and
it would make sense for us to encourage writing full papers on research,
implementations, and so on.

There are no journals in the world focusing on research networking including
testbed networks and education netwoks.  APAN community could lead in the
journal publications in this area.

We would also like to encourage graduate students and young researchers
in APAN and related communities to write full papers.

2. Proposal

A. Journal
   4 times per year for global research & education networking and testbed
   networking as primary focus of the publication.  Papers submitted for APAN
   and other confeences as well as regular journal submissions are considered
   for the publication.

B. Journal editorial board will be set up with the internationally recognized

3, Issues

A. Title of Journal
   We need to finalize the journal title soon.  The current candidate is
   Advanced Network.

B. Publisher
   Do we use the existing publisher such as Elsevier, or Do we use our
   universities(Waseda, Tsinghua, KAIST, NUS, ANU,..) or national
   network associations(CERNET, ANF,...)?

C. Frequency of Journal Publications
   2~4 times per year to start.

Appendix: Coverage of Journal - proposal                            2003.1.2

The journal is to cover research and testbed networks with applications.
The areas to be covered in the journal would include the following;

1. Network technology
2. Traffic engineering
3. Application technology
4. Communication technology
5. Network architecture
6. Middleware
7. Internationalization and Localization

We may cover additional areas in special issues like CACM and other
journals.  The candidate areas would include high performance network
applications in GRID, high energy physics, natural resource, and education.