Member Meeting

Date : 2003.1. 24 (Fri)   15:00-18:00

Place : SPR Center Room A, Fukuoka, Japan

Chair : Kilnam Chon/APAN

Secretary :Jane Zhu/APAN Sec


 Agenda :                                                                                                                  


                           1. Roll Call
                           2. Agenda Update
                           3. Secretariat Report
                                General Report (YJ Park)
                                Fukuoka Meeting Report (K.Okamura)
                                (ad hoc) Recruit Committee(DY Kim)
                           4. Area/WG Report   
                                   Technology Area(Bu Sung Lee)   
                                    User Community Area(Markus Buchhorn)   
                                    Natural Resource Area(Seishi Ninomiya)
                            5. NOC(Kazunori Konishi)
                            6. Engineering Team (Kazunori Konishi)
                            7. Committee Report   
                                    Resource Allocation Committee(Kimihiko Saito)   
                                    Fellow Program Committee(Fay Sheu)
                                    IEEAF Committee(DY Kim, Don Riley)
                                    Backbone Committee(Shigeki Goto)
                                        - Southeast Cluster Subcommittee(Sureswaren Ramadass,Royol Chitradon,Lawrence Wong)                                         - North Cluster Subcommittee(Kazunori Konishi,...)
                                        - Oceania Cluster Subcommittee(George McLaughlin)
                                    Retreat Committee(J Wu)
                            8. Liaison Report   
                                    Internet 2(Heather Boyles)
                            9. Member Report      
                                     Australia(Markus Buchhorn)   
                                     China(J Wu)   
                                     Japan(Shigeki Goto)   
                                     Korea(DY Kim)   
                                     Malaysia(Sureswaren Ramadass)   
                                     Singapore (Bu Sung Lee)
                                     Taiwan(Simon Lin)
                                     Sri Lanka(Ajantha Athukorale)     
                                     Thailand(Royol Chitradon) 
                                     TransPac(James William) 
                                     Pacific Wave(J Brown)
                                     ACFA(Y Karita)
                          10. BoF Reports
                                 South Asia Networking
                          11. Future APAN Meetings      
                                 2003.8.25-29  Busan
                                 2004.1.26-31  Honolulu(APAN/Internet2 Jt Tech Workshop, APAN Meetings)
                                 2004.7/8        (china or australia or japan or thailand or taiwan,..)  
                                 2005.1/2        (thailand or taiwan or ...)
                                 2005.7/8        (australia or china or ...)
                          12. Industry Membership(Primary, Industry, Associate, Affiliate)
                          13. Journal Publication/Paper Contest
                          14. CCIRN Delegates

        15. AOB    


* * * DRAFT * * * DRAFT * * * DRAFT * * * DRAFT * * *
Date: 2003.1.24 (Friday)
Place: SPR Center, Room A, Fukuoka, Japan
The meeting started at 3:05 pm

1. Roll Call
            -  Was skipped due to a time constraint.

2.  Agenda Update
- The next conference and membership scheme are added.

3.  Secretariat Report
General Report  (YJ Park)

-  LEARN from LK joined as Associate Member; Pacific Wave and ACFA as
Affiliate Members.

-  New staff at APAN Secretariat (BK Kim, Jane Zhu, and Kyoko Day) was

-  Financial status was reported.

-  Conference handbook drafted by BK Kim now available for comments.

Fukuoka Meeting Report (Okamura)

-  Total number of participants was 345 (APAN 264, PRAGMA 81, from 13

-  Financial status was also reported- total expenditure was 22,185,613yen /

3.3  (ad hoc) Recruit Committee(DY Kim)

-  Secretariat is now headed by YJ Park and staffed by Kyoko Day , BK Kim,
Jane Zhu, Eunjin Seo,  and may be another from MY.

-  Budget and office are secured.

3.4  (addendum) Conference Handbook

-  The Conference Handbook-Version 1.1 released on 20 Jan now available at
the website.  BK Kim requested for comments and suggestions.

4. Area/WG Report
Technology Area (Bu Sung Lee)

4.1.1  IPv6 WG

-  20 attendees. The cooperation between KR-JP was presented as well as IPv6
testbeds for multimedia applications.  Country updates from MY and TH also

 -  The charter's objectives includes  a) promotion of IPv6 connectivity, b)
multimedia applications, VoIP,  stream, c) high performance applications,
Grid IPv6 access to supercomputer, d) IPv6 multicasting, and e) IPv6 mobile
support with security.

4.1.2  Measurement

-  20 attendees, end-to-end one way delay measurement in MPLS networks was

-  The charter for the WG will be drafted.

4.1.3  Multicast BOF

-  Synchronized multicast media streaming, APAN-KR overlay multicast WG
activity, and IP Broadcasting over unidirectional satellite link, a total of
3 papers were presented.

-  This group will organize a demo again at the next meeting.

4.1.4  Multimedia WG

-  No meeting for this WG, only a conference session.

-  An election was carried out and Omar A. Abouabdalle (MY) was elected as a
new chair, and Markus Buchhorn as a deputy.

4.1.5  Satellite WG

-  Was attended by 7 people, 1 paper on QoS over demand assigned TDMA and
AI3 status report were presented.

-  The future focus will be on satellite applications.  JP and TH have an
interest in distance learning and telemedicine applications over satellite.

-  In Summary, WG will try to put up demo at the next meeting and more
collaborative projects are to be expected.

-  It was recommended to update each charter every 2 years and make them
available at the website.

-  It was suggested that the terms for the committee chairs to be up to 2
years by elections.

User Community Area (Markus Buchhorn)

4.2.1  Education WG

-  3 sessions offered : using video technologies, some interest in grid
technologies, some interest in NR area.

-  Collaboration with APRUNet expected.

-  Chairs and charter information were updated and available at the website.

4.2.2  P2P WG

-  Monitoring and development of  p2p technologies and possible

-  Discussion with I2 p2p, collaboration with I2-DSI, and possible creation
of p2p forum with I2.

-  Possible collaboration with P2P-wg on evaluation /performance/scalability

-  Chairs and charters were updated and available at website.

4.2.3  Grid WG

-  No face-to-face meeting, just online meeting.

-  Participants include NR, apgrid, pragma, and apec-tel.

-  A role of this WG is to provide communication to user-communities and
interface grid technologies with network technologies.

-  Chairs and charter posted at web for comments.

4.2.4  Youth WG

-  No meeting in Fukuoka, but planning for a large meeting in KR.

-  Chairs and charter updated.

-  Area name change was proposed and it was agreed to go back to the
original name 'application technology.'

-  It was urged that each committee and WG update their charter and chairs.

-  Request was made for each committee and WG to submit 2 contacts to the

-  The agenda and outcomes of the past meetings need to be included in the
web page, and the deadline for this update is targeted at 3 months from now.

4.3  Natural Resource Area (Seishi Ninomiya)

-  Fukuoka meetings' report was presented.  Pre-conference workshop on use
of earth monitoring satellite was a success.  Joint session on distance
learning and grid were also a success.

-  Infrastructure upgrades, agricultural grid activities, multilingual
services over AP, mirrors, and joint projects were also discussed.

-  EM conclusions are that -to build on the idea of a shared online fire
information system for se asia., etc. ask him for slides.
-  A several WS sessions are planned for Busan meeting.

- There was a question if the bioinformatics should be continued to be an
affiliate member.  No decision was made about this.

5. NOC (Kazunori Konishi)

-  The minutes from NOC as well as the minutes from Engineering Team meeting
are available at

-  JH Lee, Ishii, and Hirabaru made presentations on network design &
operation of new APII 2xGbE links; Daejeon-Busan link upgraded into GbE in
May-June; Routes of KOREONet2 will be announced soon;  iDC facility were
presented; RTT was dramatically decreased; and SINET will be connected soon.

-  Eguchi presented WAN and research activities in Tsukuba, GbE link to
APAN-JP XP was added in Nov 2002, and AIST's bandwidth challenged and 707
Mbps was recorded.

-  Chang presented 3 major networks in TW, IPv6 is being strongly promoted;
international projects were described, and operational challenges such as
construction and operation of fiber rings and version control and beta-code
were pointed out.

-  Baba presented network configuration and partners, AI3-apan connection
through VLAN in WIDE was established, and the future plans include IPv6
deployment and reliable satellite links.

-  Charter had been re-drafted with a goal to provide stable basics

-  Activities include information sharing and 24x7 basic operation; NOC
meetings will be held during every APAN meeting.

-  The members include Konishi, a chair, JH Lee, a deputy chair, and MLs of

6. Engineering Team (Kazunori Konishi)

- The presentation slides for this session are available at

-  Akiyama, Kitatsuji, Karita, Chris Robb made presentation.

-  Charter's goal, activities, meeting schedule were drafted and available.

-  As the NOC operation requires 24x7 services, it was requested to submit
NOC contacts including phone numbers to the secretariat.  The associate
members also were asked to provide the contact information.

7. Committee Report

7.1  Resource Allocation Committee (Kimihiko Saito)

-  The subcommittee members and the status report were made.

Fellow Program Committee(Fay Sheu)

-  A number of fellows who received the fund, financial figures for the
fund, and the selection criteria were explained.

-  It was suggested that the committee to reconsider about giving highest
priority for economically handicapped applicants as this has been the
practice in the past.  Student and young fellows should be placed as the
secondary selection criteria.

-  A need for outreach was emphasized.

7.3  IEEAF Committee (Don Riley)

-  Achievement, milestones/ actions and meetings re presented. Tyco-GEO
pacific donation including access and scheduling, asset stewards, partners,
design was also explained.  The design team is planning to meet at the next
Internet2 meeting.

Backbone Committee (Shigeki Goto)

-  Report from 3 sub-committees, Oceania cluster, Southeast cluster, North
cluster were made.

-  Other related committees and activities were also presented.  Those
includes JPs Asia's Broadband Program Committee, TransPAC report, and
further report on North cluster by Konishi.

-  Charter's scope and objectives were explained briefly and the decision to
create two mailing lists:  backbone-steering(membership required) and
backbone-discuss(open).   Until august meeting, shigeki goto chair, deputy
chair sures, and john Barlow as a secretary.

7.5  Southeast Cluster Subcommittee (Royol Chitradon)

-  Reminded a name change from South Cluster to Southeast Cluster
-  Report on activities of this committee was presented.

-  Sureswaran Ramadass/MY, Royol Chitradon/TH, Lawrence Wong/SG
  co-chair Southeast Cluster subcommittee in turn annually with Sures starts from the 1st year.

7.6  North Cluster Subcommittee(Kazunori Konishi)

- The presentation slides for this session are available at

-  Kitamura, JH Lee, Xing Li, and Akira Kato presented at the North Cluster
Sub-Committee Meeting.

-  CJK is a focus at the moment, and the ext meeting is planned at APRICOT
in Taipei around 25 Feb.

7.7  Oceania Cluster Subcommittee (Markus Buchhorn)

Retreat Committee (J Wu)

-  A brief history and the objectives of the committee were presented.

-  Part of the revised strawman doc was reported, including member of the
editorial task force.  -  A draft document will be sent for comments and the
info will be made available at APAN website.  Proposed schedule with
milestones and time lines are also explained.

-  Next meeting proposed on the 17 June afternoon 2003, and Aug 2003

8. Liaison Report  (Internet 2- Heather Boyles)

-  Heather highlighted partnership with APAN, reported from the last
internet2 meeting in LA, and upcoming internet2 meeting near DC.

-  The future meetings include:  1-7 Feb 2003 in Miami, 9-11 april member
meetings, 3-7 august joint techs, 13-16 oct internet2 in Indianapolis, and
2004 jan. joint techs - APAN in Hawaii.

- In regard to training on IPv6, she wants to replicate I2's workshop
elsewhere.  Expected audiences are university campus people working
day-to-day on implementing ipv6, multicast, video conferences, or
information architects on campus.

9. Member Report
-  The following countries presented their reports,

AU (Markus Buchhorn)
CN (Jianping Wu)-  (point to presentation at website)
JP (Shigeki Goto) -
KR (DY Kim) -
MY (Gopi Sinniah)-
SG (Bu Sung Lee) -
TW (WS Chen) -
LK (Ajantha Athukorale) -
TH (Royol Chitradon) -

-  Updates about TransPac was presented by James William. - website.
-  Pacific Wave (J Brown) and ACFA(Y Karita), new Affiliate Members, made
their presentations.

10. BoF Reports
South Asia Networking

11. Future APAN Meetings

-  A draft program for Busan meeting was explained. Call for paper had been
distributed.  For further information about the next meeting are available

-  The meeting after Busan will be held in Honolulu; however, the one after
Honolulu is yet to be decided.

12. Industry Membership

-  PK and BD are considering an Associate membership. It was suggested that
the industry membership should be activated and a target to be set to
include a couple of industry members by the next meeting.

13. Journal Publication/Paper Contest

(Xing Li, a newly appointed chair of the publication committee)

-  A title for the journal will be "Advanced Networking"; Advanced Network
Forum in Korea will be a publisher; the first issue is expected to come out
the last quarter of 2003.

-  Interim Chair of the editorial board will be Prof Chon; the rest of the
board members will include academic experts from APAN (6-7), Non-APAN, EU
(3-4), and North American (3-4).

-  The Publication Committee for the Busan meeting will recommend some
papers for the journal publication.

CCIRN Delegates

-  CCIRN meeting will be held in Busan on 26 Aug 2003, collocating with APAN

- Each continent is to send seven delegates.  The next meeting will include
Russian as Russia does not belong to any continent at the moment. For those
who are interested in CCIRN meeting needs to contact Prof Goto.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:42 pm.


Presentation Files:

Please refer to /documents/F-presentation/index.htm


Participants List:




Markus Buchhorn


Yongjin Park

Hanyang U.

Kazunori Konishi


Heather Boyles

Internet 2

Dae Young Kim


Jun Matankata


Naokito Nakajima


Wenshui Chen


Kento Aida


Deri Kuishan


Lee Hooi Sier




Thepparit BanditwanauWong




Koji Okamura

Kyushu U.

Yasuichi Kitamura


Jacqueline Brown

Pacific Wave

James Williams


Jilong Wang


Manhee Lee


Shigeki Goto

Waseda U.

Jongwon Kim


BK Kim


Xing Li


Jie An


Lawrence Wong


Lee Bu Sung


Youngdo Oh


Dongkyun Kim


Sangkil Jung


Hang Ryeol Na


Byong-lyol Lee


Lee Jaehwa

Korea Tele

Fay Sheu


Kilnam Chon


Kyoko Day


Jane Zhu


Ajantha Atukorale