Abstracts - Measurement Session

Title:  NLANR/MNA Current Activities
Ronn Ritke, NLANR

Updates on OC192/10GigE passive monitor development, passive
real-time analysis, goals for new active monitor software, IPMP, and
NLANR/MNA international collaborations.

Title: Wise*TrafView : ETRI's Content-aware Internet Application Traffic Measurement and Analysis System
Jeongsook, Park, ETRI

We introduce Wise*TrafView developed by ETRI.
It is a high performance, adaptable, configurable, and scalable
content-aware application traffic measurement and analysis system which can achieve very accurate usage-based accounting.

Title: Asymmetric Path Detection in BGP Routing
Eunmi Park, Korea Univ. 

It is important to monitor routing information to provide the advanced Internet traffic engineering on high speed backbone network. The KESG stand for KOREN Engineering Study Group funded by NCA and consist of several universities in Korea. We study and analyze information gathered by the BGP routing protocol at KOREN. And we scrutinize asymmetric paths and fix a routing configuration. This presentation includes our system architecture, visualization system, data analysis for BGP messages and asymmetric Paths In/out of KOREN.