e-Science Workshop : Exploring e-Science
 Chairs Dr. Lee Hing-Yan (National Grid Office, Singapore) - chair Dr. Greg Wickham (AARNet, Australia)
Dr. Jim DeRoest (U Washington, USA)
Dr. Piyawut Schichaikul (National Electronics & Computer Technology Center, Thailand)
Dr. Young-Sung Lee (Chungbuk National University, Korea)
Rey Vincent Babiloria (ASTI, Philippines)
Wang Chunyan (CERNET, China)
Jon Lau (National Grid Office, Singapore)
 Objectives  Sessions for e-Science WG members to present on e-Science efforts in their respective countries.
 Target Audience  Researcher, Users, Engineers, & all interested in e-Science activities.
 Expected # of Participants  30
 Agenda Session1: 0900-1030

Taiwan Long Term Observation for Ocean Research

Speaker: Forng-Chen Chiu, Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (Taiwan)

Environmental Study through NARL Synergy & CEPERC
Speaker: Shih-Horng Wu, Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (Taiwan)

e-Research in New Zealand: Review and Future Developments
Speaker: Nevil Brownlee, University of Auckland (New Zealand)

Session 2: 1100-1230

MYREN Phase 2 as Key Driver for e-Science/e-Research: Opportunities to Nurture New Grid User Communities for EUAsiaGrid Project

Speaker: Suhaimi Napis, Universiti Putra Malaysia (Malaysia)

Grid-Enabled Phyloinformatics Platform

Speaker: Dadabhai T Singh, Chemoinformatics Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
 Remark  VTC, CD Projector, wireless Internet access, enough power strips to accomodate the number of laptops expected

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