APAN Event Committee Meeting
 Chair  Denis Villorente
 Objectives  Future APAN Meeting Preparations, Hosting, etc
 Target Audience  Event Committee Members, APAN Members and interested
 Expected # of Participants  30
 Agenda 1. Welcome and Roll Call

2. Approval of Proposed Meeting Agenda

3. Report by the 27th APAN Meeting Host (NCHC)

4. Final presentation for next APAN member meeting
- 28th APAN meeting (July 20-24, 2009) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5. Follow up report
- 29th APAN meeting (February 2010) - Sydney, Australia
- 30th APAN meeting (August 2010 - 1st or 2nd week) - Hanoi, Vietnam
- 31st APAN meeting (February 21-25, 2011) Hong Kong
- 33rd APAN meeting (January 2012) Hawaii, USA

6. Review of Event Committee Documents (Committee Principles and Procedures, Hosting Application Form, Selection Process, Site Survey, Post-Event Evaluation)

7. Expression of Intent to Host Future APAN Meetings

8. AOB
 Remark  CD Projector, wireless Internet access, enough power strips to accomodate the number of laptops expected

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