Joint APAN/AsiaFI Future Internet Testbed BoF
 Moderators   Kilnam Chon(AsiaFI), DY Kim(APAN)
 Target Audience  --
 Expected # of Participants  30
 Agenda 1. Update

Past AsiaFI Testbed BoFs
          A Kato(2007)
         JW Kim(2008)

GENI with related projects in CJK
         K Chon(GENI overview)
         M Xu(China)
         S Shimojo(Japan)
         DY Kim(Korea)

PL with related projects in Asia
         China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand

Wired Testbed SWG under AsiaFI Architecture WG
         M Xu

Wireless/Mobile Testbed SWG under AsiaFI Mobile/Wireless WG
         HW Li

         DY Kim
Europe: One Lab, FIRE,....
         DY Kim

2. Discussion
         Recommendation on the following:
         Wired Testbed SWG
         Wireless/Mobile Testbed SWG
         "PL SWG" and/or "PL Asia"
         Testbed Committee or Testbed BoF
          Intercontinental Collaboration(with GENI, One Lab,...)
          Regional Collaboration in Asia
  Next Steps;
                  Jeju AsiaFI School
                  GENI Participation
                  PLs in Asia
 Remark  -

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