Network Security Workshop
 Chair  Yoshiaki Kasahara
 Yasuichi Kitamura
 Rahmat Budiarto
 Objectives  1. To raise the security awareness and knowledge within APAN community.
 2. To exchange experience and knowledge in network security technologies and issues, and
 3. To cooperate with other international security efforts to raise security awareness, capabilities and interoperation globally.

  Security related topics included protection of the physical, intellectual, and electronic assets of the APAN and other network, including its security policies, network access controls, virus protection, network administration, auditing, and transaction security.

 Target Audience  Researcher, Scientists, Network Engineers
 Expected # of Participants  TBA
 Agenda  -- Chairs -- Working Group Management -- 20 minutes

 -- Presentation 1 -- 25 minutes
 Traffic Identification and Control : Not Just About P2P Anymore?
 Kostas Anagnostakis ( A*STAR, Singapore )

 A large number of network managers are putting significant resources into controlling resource abuse coming from P2P and similar applications. This is achieved using traffic identification and control technology, most commonly in the form of traffic shapers. In this talk we discuss our experience with evolved systems starting with the same base technology that can be put to use for more security-oriented tasks such as detecting botnet activity and managing low-bandwidth yet high-risk protocols and behaviors.

 -- Presentation 2 -- 25 minutes
 ( IMPACT's Role in Bridging Cyber security Research with Governments, Academia & Public Sector
 Jagdish Singh ( International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats ( IMPACTS ))

 The objective of IMPACT Research is to develop a comprehensive research network with a pool of experts including the Private Sector, Governments of the World and Academia with the main intention to zoom into targeted areas of concern with regards to Cyber Security which is not adequately addressed. It also makes available the facilities including the access to specialised ICT laboratories, specialised equipment, resource centre and other facilities and the necessary environment to encourage Research in areas of Cyber Security.

 -- Chairs -- Other Business -- 20 minutes

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