Title Common Area
Chair  Takaharu Kameoka (MIE University) and Pisuth Paiboonrat (HAII)
Objective This session is a platform for the application that using cross technologies under different APAN area. The session design to show and share technical, application and human network together with real cases among partners organizations.  
Target Audience Technical and Application area communities.  
Expected No. of Participants 15-20 
Session Chair & Speakers Chairs: Takaharu Kameoka (MIE University) and Pisuth Paiboonrat (HAII)


1.Title: Digital Pubsa Initiative
Speaker: Pisuth Paiboonrat(HAII)

Asia-Pacific Marine Finfish Aquaculture Network (APMFAN) and the effort towards sustainable grouper aquaculture in the region
Speaker: Koji Yamamoto (NACA)

3. Title:
Strong community organizing and community building for disaster reduction. "Caring power and social capital in community"
Speaker: Shinobu Sakurai (Professor),School of nursing, Faculty of medicine Mie-University, JAPAN

Abstract: It is the most important to establish a strong community in the disaster as the overall risk management. Key concept and framework on the strong community making is gsocial capitalh. Social capital is bonds connected by the standard of the group, trusting, and sharing sense of values and a systematic network. To tell the truth, it is the invisible one and very voluntary either. Above all, if it is not voluntary from the person in the community, it is ineffectual.
Besides more, it is important that people make up trust of usually. Also, caring power as social capital is very indispensable for a community caring and important assets at the disaster. Sometimes modern society has so little sense of community. We have to pay a great deal attention to it and see the whole picture of community as a partner.
Here, the relation of a community building and making community network is discussed with social capital as the caring power in the community with the connection among people for autonomic strong community for comprehensive disaster reduction.

The "Memory With the PAST" project, The MWP01 Contest
Speaker: Frederic Andres (Associate Prof.)Research Organisation for Information Systems Digital Content and Media Sciences Research Division NII (National Institute of Informatics), JAPAN

Abstract: This talk will introduce the the "Memory with the Past" Project which is a series of collaborative contest for practice learning to enhance digital literacy regarding the multi-disciplinary MEMORY WITH THE PAST, including history, geography, art, multilinguism by providing open source tools for collaborative digital editing and classifying a large-scale digital resource collection about the "MEMORY WITH THE PAST" and two forums of pupils and teachers (one junior high school forum, and one high school forum) who are interested in adding, exchanging and sharing resources, stories and culture. Classification practice learning is donne using Topic Maps. The emphasis has been placed on the pupils and teachers, but not limited to, to share the "MEMORY WITH THE PAST" using collaborative tool for practice learning over Internet. World wide School (Junior High school and High school) classes will be invited to participate in this contest.

"Development of Information Grid Project"
Speaker: Jedsada Phengsuwan (Nectec)

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