Title Earth Monitoring
Chair Chris Elvidge (NOAA), Pakorn Apaphant (GISTDA), Liew Soo Chin (NUS-CRISP)
Objective To provide updates on new earth observation and geospatial data products, services and applications.
Target Audience Earth observation and disaster warning / assessment communities.
Expected No. of Participants 25-30
Session Chair & Speakers 09:00-10:30 EM-News I (chair Chris Elvidge)

1.Title: NRSA fire detection project
Speaker:KVS Badarinath, NRSA-India

2.Title: ASTER and MODIS Data Processing Based on GEO Grid system
Speaker:Hirokazu Yamamoto, GTRC/AIST-Japan

3.Title: Can poverty rates be estimated from satellite data?
Speaker:Chris Elvidge, NOAA/NGDC-USA

11:00-12:30 EM-News II (chair Chris Elvidge)

1.Title: Operational Fisheries Application of RS/GIS in Japan
Speaker:Sei-ichi Saitoh, Hokkaido University-Japan

2.Title: Satellite data estimates of gas flaring volumes in Asia
Speaker:Chris Elvidge, NOAA/NGDC-USA

14:00-15:30 Early results from ALOS (chair Isao Nakanishi)

1.Title: Overview of ALOS
Speaker:Isao Nakanishi

2.Title: PALSAR calibration and ALOS observation planning
Speaker:Manabu Watanabe

3.Title: AVNIR-2 and PRISM calibration
Speaker: Takeo Tadono

4.Title: AVNIR-2 data application
Speaker:Mitsuo Minomura

16:00-17:30 EM activities and research in Singapore (chairs Liew Soo Chin and Chris Elvidge)

1.Title: Overview of remote sensing activites in Singapore
Speaker:Kwoh Leong Keong, CRISP

2.Title: Satellite remote sensing activities in the Meteorological Division
Speaker:Yong Miow Koon, NEA

3.Title: Designing optimal algorithms for forest fire detection
Speaker:Liew Soo Chin, CRISP

4.Title: Retrieval of coastal sea water parameters from high resolution satellite images
Speaker:Alice Heng, CRISP
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