Title Network Research Workshop
Chair Jun Matsukata
Objective --
Target Audience --
Expected No. of Participants --
Session Chair & Speakers Morning Session-1    9:30-10:30

1.Title: In/Out Traffic Proportion Based Analyses for Network Anomaly Detection
Presenter: Zhang Fengxiang, and Shunji Abe(National Institute of Informatics)

2.Title: Forwarding State Reduction for One-to-Many Group Communication
Presenter: S. A. Al-Talib, B. M. Ali, S. Khatun, and S. Subramaniam(Universiti Putra Malaysia)

3.Title: Routing and Wavelength Assignment in Wavelength-Convertible Waveband-Switched Networks
Presenter: Fang-Sheng Lin, Ching-Fang Hsu, and Te-Lung Liu(National Center for High-Performance Computing)

Morning Session-2     11:00-12:30

1.Title: Visualization of Temporal Difference of BGP Routing Information
Presenter: Ryo Sakiyama, Koji Okamura(Kyushu University), and Youngseok Lee(Chungnam National University)

2.Title: A Study on Distribution of flows Relationships with AS path length and flows
Presenter: Yoshiaki Harada, Koji Okamura, and Takashi Chiyonobu(Kyushu University)

3.Title: Measurement and Study of P2P Traffic on Campus Network
Presenter: Lisheng Huang, Yu Xiang, and Wenyong Wang(University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

Afternoon Session-1    14:00-15-30

1.Title: Deployment of Broad Band WMAN Using Wi-max Standards in India
Presenter: Nupur Prakash

2.Title: New micro Genetic Algorithm for multiuser detection in WCDMA system
Presenter: Azmi Ahmad(University Putra Malaysia), and Azmi Hassan(University Kebangsaan Malaysia)

3.Title: Performance Analysis of TPSK in CDMA System
Presenter: Chee Kyun Ng, Nor Kamariah, Sudhanshu Shekhar Jamuar(Universiti Putra Malaysia), and Mahamod Ismail(Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)

Afternoon Session-2    16:00-17:30

1.Title: Performance Optimization in Wireless Mesh Networks Based on Mesh Point Priority Mechanism
Presenter: Rongdi Chen, Hewu Li, Fenghua Li, and Jianping Wu (Tsinghua University)

2.Title: Utility-Based Adaptive Video Streaming Mechanisms
Presenter: Paolo Enrico V. Encomienda, and Nestor Michael C. Tiglao(University of the Philippines)
Remarks(including Special arrangements if Any) --

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