Title Ontology Development for Seamless Natural Resources Data Exchange and Sharing
Chair Seishi Ninomiya (NARO), Asanee Kawtrakul (KU)
Objective Ontology Development for Seamless Natural Resources Data Exchange and Sharing: Language Barriers are obstacles for communication; therefore it is vital to have multilingual translation and ontology. Multilingual translation and ontology is one of the information technology used as tools for linking knowledge and information of diverse languages. This will eventually bring information societies together and create a better understanding.  
Target Audience Ontology and Multilingual communities 
Expected No. of Participants 15-20 
Session Chair & Speakers Session Chairs: Asanee Kawtrakul (KU) and Margherita Sini (FAO)

09:00-10:30 (AG-WG) Ontology-Standard and Representation (chair Asanee Kawtrakul)

1.Title: Opening Plenary
Speaker: Margherita Sini, Seishi Ninomiya and Asanee Kawtrakul

2.Title: Technology and standard
Keynote Speaker:Gerhard Budin, University of Vienna, Austria

3.Title: Accessing Distributed Meteorological Data using Ontology
Speaker:Kiura T., Yamawaka A., Yu X., and Ninomiya S.

4.Title: Open Forum: How to profit from available multilingual resources by using the standards (SKOS, TBX, OWL ). What are the problems?

11:00-12:30 Ontology - Applications and Tools (chair Margherita Sini)

1.Title: Tools and Applications
Keynote Speaker:Prof. Balai - IIT India

2.Title: Key step to Ontology and Cross language KM: AOS/CS workbench
Speaker: Margherita Sini and Asanee Kawtrakul

3.Title: Integrating global observation data by ontology development
Speaker: Masahiko Nagai, Shigenobu Tachizuka, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Takashi Oguchi, Hiromichi Fukui

14:00-15:30 (AG-WG) Ontology (chair Asanee Kawtrakul)

1.Title: Round Table Discussion
Speaker: Gerhard Budin, Balai, Margherita Sini , Seishi Ninomiya, Asanee Kawtrakul

Experience Sharing (All)

2.Title: Open Forum: Research Extension (China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos and/or representative from Industries)
Remarks (including Special arrangements if Any)  

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