Title Application of Sensors and Wireless Network
Chair  Masayashi Hirafuji (NARO) and Pisuth Paiboonrat (HAII)
Objective Application of Sensors Network is a Sensors Network development group in term of both technology and utilization. Currently, Sensors Network is used in various aspects, namely kid's learning tools, rice field, early warning system, and etc. This conference will contribute to the expansion of members' network and a forum of developers and users meeting so that they are able to define mean standard for tasks related to sensors.
Target Audience Sensors and Wireless Network Communities
Expected No. of Participants 15-20
Session Chair & Speakers Chair: Masayashi Hirafuji (NARO) and Anan Phonphoem (KU)

1.Title: Application of Field Server for Natural Disaster Warning in Thailand
Speaker: Pisuth Paiboonrat, HAII

2. Title:
Field Server and Persona Field Sever
Speaker: Masayuki Hirafuji, NARO

3. Title:
How to test scalability of Field Server Network
Speaker: Takuji Kiura (NARO)

4. Title:
Wireless Network
Speaker: Anan Phonphoem,(KU)
Remarks(including Special arrangements if Any) VTC requested

Last Updated 20 Jun 2006