Organizing Committee's Video/Teleconference Session
Date: 27 May 2005
Time: 8:00-9:00am BKK (GMT+07:00)
Chair: Stella
Secretary: Pipot

Draft Agenda

  1. Opening Plenary Speakers
  2. Room Allocation (APAN and other meetings)
  3. Visa and registration
  4. Budget and Expected Revenue
  5. Sponsors
  6. Other issues

Additional document: Venue allocation table

Draft Minutes:

The meeting started late due to some technical issues encountered. It was participated by Stella, Pipot and a representative from NICT.

1. Opening Plenary Speakers

- Simon plans to invite 1 local speaker and another one overseas (Kees Negeers) in addition to Fred Baker who is already confirmed to join.

Brief introduction of Kees Neggers (sent by email earlier):

Kees Neggers has been Managing Director of SURFnet bv, since its establishment in 1988. SURFnet©ös mission is to develop and operate an advanced networking infrastructure for the research and higher education community in the Netherlands. SURFnet has always tried to fulfil its mission in a framework of international cooperation. SURFnet was the local organizer of the first European IETF in July 1993 in Amsterdam.

Kees has been a key player in international research networking activities since 1984. He served as treasurer, vice-president and president for RARE (Reseaux Associes pour la Recherche Europeenne) from 1986-1994 and played a leading role in the process to merge RARE and EARN (European Academic and Research Network) into TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association). He is the European co-chair of the CCIRN (Co-ordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networking) since 1990.

Kees was the initiator in 1991 of the Ebone initiative to create the first pan-European IP backbone and served as chairman of the Ebone Consortium from 1991-1994. He has been playing a major role in the organizational set-up of the RIPE-NCC. In 1997 he was one of the founders of the Dutch Chapter of the Internet Society. Kees served as a trustee (appointed by ISOC Founder RARE/TERENA) in the Internet Society since the inception of the Board of Trustees in Kobe in 1992 until June 1996 and as an elected Trustee from July 1998. Present positions held in Internet related international activities include:
# Member of the Internet Society Board of Trustees
# Member of the Executive Committee of the ISOC-BoT
# Vice-President Technical Programme of TERENA.
# Chairman of the RIPE NCC Executive Board.
# European Co-Chair of the CCIRN.
# Director Network of the GigaPort project
# Founding member of the Internet Society

2. Room Allocation (APAN and other meetings)

- As of this meeting date, Stella mentioned that they cannot guarantee yet if a room that can accommodate more than 300 participants (classroom style) can be arranged. Having said this, she suggested the following options:

* Room A from the tentative schedule (Banquet Hall - 168 classroom) can be split into classroom style in front and just chairs at the back. Given this setup, the room can accommodate more than 200 participants.

* Room A as the main room for the opening plenary and set as classroom style only and the remaining participants that cant be accommodated in this room will be in another room with projected image of what is happening on the main room.

- In the last Program Committee meeting, it was suggested that a room that can accommodate more than 300 participants for the opening plenary has to be arranged. Stella asked the APAN secretariat to get a confirmation on this before they make changes in the current arrangements with the hotel.

- At the moment, Room A (Banquet Hall 1) and Room B (Banquet Hall 3) cant be merged to make a bigger room. Pipot asked if the Exhibition which is planned on Banquet Hall 2 can be changed to Banquet Hall 3 so that two adjoining rooms can be merged to make a bigger room.

- As noted in the tentative schedule, another factor that has to be taken care of in the arrangement for the opening plenary room is the IPv6 summit session.

3. Visa and registration

- Stella mentioned that the process of getting a visa for those coming from China is ongoing. Information on the visa process for other countries is now available in the website but a similar information will be announced by the secretariat in the next newsletter.

- the online registration system will be available by mid-June.

4. Budget and Expected Revenue

- Updates on the budget estimate will be sent to the secretariat

5. Sponsors

- As of this meeting, there are 6-7 identified sponsors and Vicky will send their names and logo for publishing in the APAN website

6. Other issues

- No other issues