Organizing Committee's Video/Teleconference Session
Date: 24 June 2005
Time: 8:00-9:00am BKK (GMT+07:00)
Chair: Simon
Secretary: Pipot

Draft Agenda

  1. Updates on the opening plenary speakers
  2. Room Allocation (APAN and other meetings)
  3. Estimated budget and expected expenses/revenue
  4. Other issues

Draft Minutes:

The meeting was attended by Vicky, Kitamura-san, Dr. Donya and Pipot

1. Updates on the opening plenary speakers

- The only confirmed speaker as of this meeting date is Fred Baker. Kees Neggers is not available and Vicky informed the group that they are still in the process of identifying a speaker from Taiwan and another foreign speaker.

- It was mentioned that it will be good to finalize the list of speakers for the opening plenary as soon as possible.

2. Room allocation

- Another Banquet Hall is now available for the APAN meeting. This will solve the earlier concern of not having a room big enough for the plenary.

- Vicky mentioned that the Exhibition Booths will be at the public area where participants will take the coffee break and Dr. Donya confirmed that this is an acceptable arrangement as long as the space will not be too crowded. The presence of the booths near the coffee area will also enable the participants to visit the exhibition while taking the coffee break

- Vicky confirmed the availability of the secretariat room and informed the group that she will send the floor plan also as soon as possible

3. Estimated budget and expected expenses/revenue

- Vicky asked for clarification on this and Dr. Donya informed her that we need to have a working budget table to estimate the expected expenses and try to avoid incurring any deficit. Vicky will send the budget table to Pipot for circulation to concerned parties

4. Other business

- Vicky mentioned that they are very busy working on the visa and Pipot asked her about visa for participants coming from countries where there is no embassy for Taiwan.
- The APAN secretariat offered to post a reminder regarding visa when the online registration is announced.
- It was also mentioned that the next meeting should be scheduled when Simon is available. Vicky was asked to check the schedule of Simon so that the next Organizing Committee meeting can be held when he is available. She will send this information to Pipot so they can organize the next meeting when Simon is available.
- Also, Vicky will check with Simon if they will conduct a closing plenary and we have already received an email informing us that the organizers dont plan to have a closing plenary