Program Committee's Video/Teleconference Session
Date: 25 February 2005
Time: 9:00-10:00am BKK (GMT+07:00)
Chair: Prof. Joo

1. Roll Call
2. Review of the minutes of the past meetings (Jan 27&28)

3. Three plenary sessions.
tentative schedule

3.1 Candidates organizers/session chairs
- Opening plenary(8/24 wed): organizing chair(?)
- High-Data Transfer session(8/25 thu): ??
- Network Tech & Application(?) session(8/26fri): ??
3.2 Status of invited speakers: availability and other issues.
- Tony Hey
- Tom DeFanti
- One from Taipei: ??
3.3 Nomination of plenary speakers candidates
4. Candidate speaker for APAN 101 session
5. Other matters.
6. Next committee meeting.


-Network Engineering & NOC session: Konishi-san, one full day (100 people)
-HDTV WG: "HDTV related sessions", Jongwon Kim, 2 slots
-Medical Network Workshop, Shuji Shimizu, 2 slots(1 slot for demo)(8/25th pm)
-e-Learning, Lih-Shyang Chen/TW, 1 slot, 8/25 wed am
-e-Culture, Takaharu KAMEOKA, 4 slot(might have some collaboration with the NR group as well)
-Digital Divide, Yu-chuan Lin/TW, 1 slot
-SIP: Quincy Wu and Stephen Kingham
One day tutorial - Understand SIP-based VoIP Technology
One day tutorial - A Hands-on Workshop to Build and understand about a
Voice/Video SIP Server for your University/Organization
Half day session - SIP-H323 Working Group Session
-APAN 101, bg joo, 1
-Global collaboration, 2 slots
-Earth Monitoring/Disaster, 2 slots
-eScience, 2 slots
-NR Area, 11 slots excluding tutorials minimum 6 slots if mostly plenary sessions
-Network Research Worshop (1 day. Same procedure as before)

Draft Minutes:

The meeting started by acknowledging the presence of the members attending the session. Everyone was asked if they have any comments on the minutes of the last meeting. There being none, the meeting continued by discussing the proposed 3 plenary sessions for the 20th APAN Meeting.

For the opening plenary on August 24 (Wednesday), it was suggested that the organizing committee arranged this session. It was also suggested that they invite a high ranking official to be one of the speakers. Moreover, they were asked to follow the model of the last APAN meeting in Bangkok with 2 speakers in the opening plenary.

For the High-Data Transfer session on August 25 (Thursday), Seishi was nominated to organize this session. Several speakers/presenters/topics were suggested for this session but the need to finalize the organizer/chair of this session was highlighted. Seishi mentioned that he doesn’t mind chairing this session but suggested that Chris will be best suited for this and Chris accepted the task. Jacqueline informed the group that she will assists Chris in organizing this session.

It was also mentioned that plenary sessions should not be longer than 90 minutes and below are some of the speaker/presenter/topic recommended for this session:

It was reiterated that these are just nominations and the session organizers will have to make the final decision on the speaker/presentation/topic.

For the Network Technology and Application on August 26 (Friday), a question was first raised if individual WGs can nominate speakers for this session and it was confirmed but the need to identify the organizer/chair of this session should be first determined. Also, it was confirmed that a person not attending the meeting could be nominated. Having cleared these issues, Simon Lin and Y. Kitamura were nominated to organize this session. They will be contacted by the secretariat about this and to get their acceptance/rejection of the nomination.

Chris is checking on the availability of Tony Hey and should have an update in a week’s time. Jacqueline will initiate contact with Tom DeFanti. On behalf of the organizing committee, Vicky nominated Fred Baker. She informed the group that he is a fellow from CISCO and Simon knows him very well. They will send more information on Fred Baker by email.

Prof. Joo made a comment that the organizing committee will decide on the final speakers for the Opening Plenary as well as issue the invitation. Since there will only be 2 speakers for the opening plenary, each speaker will be given 45 minutes to make their presentation.

Y. Kitamura was nominated as the speaker for the APAN 101 session. The APAN secretariat will contact him about this and in the event that he can’t accept the nomination, he will also be asked to nominate an alternative.

Prof. Joo asked NR Area and the APAN secretariat to start working on the scheduling of the NR sessions. It was also cleared that NR Area which covers AG-WG, EM-WG and Earth System WG will only occupy a minimum of 6 slots (if several topics can be covered at the HDT plenary session). Chris mentioned that the NR sessions would be sorted out in the next 3-4 weeks.

Prof. Joo also mentioned to the APAN secretariat not to be confused about the allocations for the APAN WG/Comm meetings and the slots for the workshop/sessions in the main conference. For the next PC meeting, Prof. Joo requested the APAN Secretariat to prepare draft allocation of sessions based on the formal proposals received.

Before the meeting was adjourned, the group was informed of the date of the next video/teleconference meeting which is March 25, 9:00-10:00am BKK (GMT + 07:00).