Program Committee's Video/Teleconference Session
Date: 1 April 2005
Time: 9:00-10:00am BKK (GMT+07:00)
Chair: Prof. Joo
Secretary: Pipot

Draft Agenda

  1. Roll call
  2. Agenda bashing
  3. Review of the last meeting minutes and follow-up actions
  4. Review of proposal submitted.
  5. Review of provisional agenda for the 20th APAN Conference
  6. Other business
  7. Next meeting

List of Proposals submitted:

Draft Meeting Minutes

1. Roll call (Attendance)

- Prof. Goto, Kitamura-san, Prof. Joo, Chunyan, An Jie, Khun Pisuth, Vicky, Pipot

2. Agenda bashing

- no additional items suggested

3. Review of the last meeting minutes and follow-up actions

- Both Simon and Kitamura-san accepted the nomination to organize the Network Technology and Application plenary session. But since Simon will be busy with the overall coordination, it was suggested that Kitamura-san be the organizing chair of this plenary session.
- Kitamura-san also confirmed his acceptance to be the speaker for the APAN 101 session
- Prof. Joo mentioned that the session name Network Technology and Application is only temporary and it can be changed in consultation with Konishi-san and others.
- In an email, Chris mentioned that he will not be able to participate in the 20th APAN meeting and recommended Herve Guy to organize the session "Huge Data Transfer" (assigned to Chris in the previous program committee meeting)

5. Review of proposal submitted.

- In addition to the proposals submitted as early as the last APAN meeting in Bangkok, the secretariat received proposal from eScience, Grid and Security.
- Vicky mentioned that they want to organize EGEE Tutorial on August 23 and this is open to everyone. They were asked to send a proposal to the secretariat
- Prof. Joo requested that the submitted proposals be published on the web.(ACTION ITEM: A link to the proposals will be made available in the Tentative Schedule.
- NR requested one more slot for the multilingual session
- One full day was requested for the IPv6 task force (an Jie was requested to send a proposal for this)

6. Review of provisional agenda for the 20th APAN Conference

- Avoid scheduling technical sessions during lunch time. But this is okay for BoF sessions.
- Due to plenary sessions almost everyday, scheduling full day workshops becomes more difficult. Workshop organizers will be contacted regarding having a lunch time session or having a late session during the days when there is no dinner or reception scheduled.
- An Jie confirmed that it is okay to schedule Network Research Workshop on Aug 23(Tuesday)
- For the IPv6 task force, An Jie will discuss with the IPv6 group about their preferred date and coordinate with the secretariat
- The secretariat can entertain special request for sessions but will have to get approval first from the program committee before accepting any request.

7. Other business

- Prof. Joo requested the secretariat to contact Heather of Internet2 if they want a slot
- Prof. Goto suggested that Area directors, WG/Comm Chairs should be contacted by secretariat about their intention to conduct a meeting during the 20th APAN meeting.
- Vicky and her group will be checking with the hotel about the size of the rooms for the technical sessions
- At the minimum, there should be at least 4 rooms that can accommodate at least 50 participants. In case this will pose huge expense, one room can be a little smaller

8. Next meeting
- Vicky's group will not be available from April 22 - 29 due to another conference
- It was decided to setup the date for the next meeting by email but after a few discussions with the concerned group, a decision was made to conduct the next meeting on April 29, 9:00 - 10:00am BKK (GMT + 07:00)


last update: 30 March 2005