Program Committee's Video/Teleconference Session
Date: 27 May 2005
Time: 9:00-10:00am BKK (GMT+07:00)
Chair: Prof. Joo
Secretary: Pipot

Draft Agenda

  1. Roll Call
  2. Review of the minutes of the last meeting and actions taken
  3. Review of the latest tentative schedule
  4. Updates on the preparation for the NRW
  5. Other business
  6. Next meeting

Additional document: Venue Allocation Table from the Local Organizers

Draft Minutes:

1. Roll Call

- BG Joo, An Jie, Chunyan Wang and Pipot

- Jacqueline and Kitamura-san were able logged in earlier but due to some technical problems they suggested to postpone the meeting.

2. Review of the minutes of the last meeting and actions taken

- Digital Divide BoF was reallocated to make room for the Trust Federation (Internet2) session
- A smaller room was assigned for Agriculture Workshop as per request of Khun Pisuth
- Links to the minutes of the program committee and organizing committee is now available on the Conference committee and Local Contact page of the 20th APAN Meeting website

3. Review of the latest tentative schedule

- Lambda BoF requested a slot in the next meeting
- Herve Guy, the session chair of Huge Data Transfer special plenary sent an email request to change the schedule of Huge Data Transfer from Aug 25 to Aug 26. This is because one of the key targeted special guest for this session is not available on the 25th of August. The special guest is Dr. Hiraki, his group owns the Internet2 Land Speed Record in the IPv4 Category. (ACTION ITEM: Check with all concerned about this request)
- Room for the Opening Plenary: Pipot reported the result of the meeting with Stella Shen on this matter as follows:

- As of this meeting date, Stella mentioned that they cannot guarantee yet if a room that can accommodate more than 300 participants (classroom style) can be arranged. Having said this, she suggested the following options:

* Room A from the tentative schedule (Banquet Hall - 168 classroom) can be split into classroom style in front and just chairs at the back. Given this setup, the room can accommodate more than 200 participants.

* Room A as the main room for the opening plenary and set as classroom style only and the remaining participants that cant be accommodated in this room will be in another room with projected image of what is happening on the main room.

- In the last Program Committee meeting, it was suggested that a room that can accommodate more than 300 participants for the opening plenary has to be arranged. Stella asked the APAN secretariat to get a confirmation on this before they make changes in the current arrangements with the hotel.

- At the moment, Room A (Banquet Hall 1) and Room B (Banquet Hall 3) cant be merged to make a bigger room. Pipot asked if the Exhibition which is planned on Banquet Hall 2 can be changed to Banquet Hall 3 so that two adjoining rooms can be merged to make a bigger room.

- As noted in the tentative schedule, another factor that has to be taken care of in the arrangement for the opening plenary room is the IPv6 summit session.

- Prof. Joo confirmed that a room that cant accommodate at most 300 participants is not suitable for Opening Plenary. (ACTION ITEM: Discuss with organizers and the Organizing Committee about this)

4. Updates on the preparation for the NRW

- Full Paper: By 9th May full paper due, we received a total of 20 papers from

CN- 10
MY- 3
KR- 2
PH- 1
AU- 1
CA- 1
SG- 1
TW- 1

- Paper Review: More than 20 specialists accepted our invitation to be reviewers. They are mainly from APAN Network Research Group,this conference Program Committee, and some chairs of other APAN Working groups.

- Feedback of review results is June 10th. We'll announce the accepted paper on June 19th, 2005.

5. Other business

Prof. Joo asked the secretariat to prepare a summary of the two main concerns to be sent to Program Committee and Organizing Committee: Date change request from the organizers of Huge Data Transfer and the suitable room for the opening plenary

6. Next meeting

Prof. Joo is not available on June 3 so the proposed continuation of this meeting next Friday will now be conducted through email. The schedule of the next video/teleconference meeting next month (June 24) remains the same until further notice.