Program Committee's Video/Teleconference Session
Date: 29 July 2005
Time: 9:00-10:00am BKK (GMT+07:00)
Chair: Prof. Joo
Secretary: Pipot


  1. Roll Call
  2. Review of the minutes of the last meeting
  3. Review of the schedule and needed preparation for the meeting
  4. Updates on NRW preparation
  5. Other business

Draft Minutes:

1. Attendance

- Prof. Goto, Prof. Joo, Kitamura-san, Jacqueline, Simon, Vicky, Pipot

2. Review of the minutes of the last meeting

- Highlights of the last meeting were the decision to hold the 2 plenary sessions (HDT, Sensor Network) on Aug 26 and the confirmation from the organizers about the availability of a bigger room for the plenary sessions.

3. Review of the schedule and needed preparation for the meeting

- Prof. Joo commented that the current schedule is really packed but this is because there are several parallel meetings to the main APAN conference.
- APAN sec received a request for a slot for UCLP demo. Both Prof. Goto and Prof. Joo supported the request.
- Given the huge requirement for bandwidth for the UCLP demo, it will be scheduled on Friday afternoon since there are no other session that would compete with the bandwidth. APAN sec will also contact the session organizers of the other sessions to inform them about this.
- Regarding the APAN Meeting Brochure, Prof. Joo suggested that APAN sec work with the organizers to ensure that it is consistent with the other brochures from the past meetings. He also added that the speakers and paper titles for the NRW be included in the brochure.
- Regarding the sessions without any information yet, Prof. Goto suggested that a deadline be set and session organizers be informed about this.

4. Updates on NRW preparation

- There will be 13 paper presentations and the session plan is completed. Organizers are just waiting for some confirmations from presenters.
- The workshop proceeding will be printed in Beijing and will be shipped to Taipei.

5. Other business

- Prof. Goto requested the secretariat to contact WG/Area/Comm chairs regarding the general assembly presentations.
- Simon mentioned that they are trying to request MOCA to allow participants from PK and LK to get visa on arrival.
- This is going to be the last videoconference session of the committee and preparations for the 21st APAN meeting will be started in a few weeks time (before the Taipei meeting).