IPv6 Task Force Meeting

Time: 2005.8.23 (Tue) 9:00-17:30
Place: Room F(morning), Room C(afternoon)
Chair: Jianping Wu

Exchange information of IPv6 development in the area of technology, infrastructure and applications.


0900-1030 IPv6 Activities in APAN community
Session Chair: Jianping WU

1.Title: CA*net 4 IPv6 update (5 minutes)
Speaker: Dr.Ren힦 Hatem/CANARIE

2.Title: IPv6 Deployment Strategy in Malaysia (Government & Private Sectors)
Speaker: Dr. Rahmat Budiarto

3.Title: IPv6 activity of APAN NOC (my proposal, Konishi-san may change to a proper one)
Speaker: Kazunori Konishi/APAN

4.Title: IPv6 activity of AARNET
Speaker: Bruce Morgan on behalf of Mark Prior/ AARNET

1030-1100 Break


4.Title: IPv6 applications in Japan
Speaker: Hiroshi Esaki/WIDE

5.Title: HDTV over IPv6
Speaker: Mr. Sangkyun Kim/ANF

6.Title: IPv6 Cooperated Research Activities in Universities
Speaker: Yan MA/ CERNET-BUPT
Panel Discussion:

1230-1500 Lunch

1500-1730 IPv6 Technology and Applications Development of APAN members

Session Chair: Yan MA

1.Title : APAN-JP International links update and IPv6 activities
Speaker: Kazunori Konishi on behalf of Prof.Shigeki GOTO/APAN Chair

2.Title : NICI IPv6 Infrastructure Development Status
Speaker: Dr. Jing-Jou Yen / NCHC

3.Title: CNGI/CERNET2 update
Speaker: Jianping WU/CERNET

4.Title: IPv6 activities of Internet2
Speaker: Heather BOYLES/Internet2

5.Title: 6GN Activities & KOREAv6 project
Speaker: Wangcheol Song/CJNU

6. Title: IPv6 Deployment in Thailand
Speaker: Panita Pongpaibool / NECTEC, Thailand IPv6 Forum

Panel Discussion: