Title of Proposal (Workshop, Sessions, BOF meeting)
UCLP demo at APAN Taipei 2005

Authors/Date: Hervé Guy; Dongkyun Kim, Jing-Jou Yen and al.

1. Title of workshop (or BOF): UCLP demo at APAN Taipei 2005

2. Workshop committee chair(s) and members:

3. Objectives: To present 2 real demonstrations of User Control LightPath (UCLP), which are currently deployed in TWAREN (TW) and KREONET (KR) when combined with HDV applications.

4. Target audience: UCLP & HDV users.

5. Expected number of participants: 3 presenters and a target audience of 100 persons.

6. Preferred time: anytime, except 8.23 between 9:00 and 10:00 and 8.26 between 9:00 and 10:30.

7. Number of sessions (one session is 90 minutes): 1 (In fact, 60 minutes is enough).

8. Candidate session chairs and speakers with topics: Hervé Guy or Dongkyun Kim or Jing-Jou Yen or JongWon Kim.

9. Remarks (including special arrangement if any): Because this demo involves the exchange of HDV streams between remote Participants and the meeting venue, a fast end-to-end (or dedicated) link of 1 Gbps will be required from the room where the presentation will be given and the TWAREN network.