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Network Resource Workshop

Date: 23rd August 2005
Time: 9:00-17:30

Place: Room A 

Organizing chairs:
Dr. Xing Li
Focused on the research in the university graduate studies level in the areas of network engineering, network technology, application technology and natural resource

Target audience:
Graduate students (Ph.D. and master students), network researchers
Session Plan:

- Session One  
0900 -1030       Technology & Engineering
Chair: S.Ramadass (MY)

  On the Management Issues over Lambda Networks
     Speaker: Te-Lung Liu (TW)

2. Update about the User Controlled LightPaths (UCLP),its deployments in Asia and demonstration at APAN Taipei 2005
Speaker: Herve Guy (CA)

3. Adaptive dual-layered Bucket Synchronization control for Distributed Virtual Environment
Speaker: SeokheeLee (KR)

- Session Two    1100-1230        Application
Chair: Herve Guy (CA)

1. AARNet SIP-H.323 Gateway Project
Speaker: Ruston Hutchens (AU)

2. Low-Cost Stereoscopic High-Definition video Over IP
Speaker: Kiyoung Lee (KR)

3. Collaborative Telemedicine components Integration in a Multimedia conferencing system
Speaker: S.Ramadass (MY)

- Session Three    1400-1530       Technology
Chair: Ruston Hutchens (AU)

1. DMSRS-Distributed Multicast Selective Reflector System
Speaker: CHEN Yang (CN)

2. Most Realistic of Reverse Link Capacity Improvement with A Joint Multiple Access of CDMA and SDMA Systems using Smart Antenna
Speaker: Chee Kyun Ng (MY)

3. Securing Binding Update between Mobile node and Correspondent Node in Mobile IPv6 Environment
Speaker: Rahmat Budiarto (MY)

 Session Four     1600-1730       

Chair: JongWon Kim (KR)

1. Information Structure and Network Protocols for Remote Monitoring of Air-Quality
Speaker: WANG Huiran (CN) ----VC

2. The R&D of Water&wastewater Engineering Professional Software
Speaker: Xue Mei (CN)

3. IP Control Gateway: User-based Network Access Control
Speaker:  ZHANG Xiaojun (CN)

4. Pawikan: A Scalable Network Management System for the Philippine Research, Education, and Government Inofrmation Network (PREGINET)
Speaker: Jerremeo Gabas (PH)


IPv6 Summit

Date: 22nd-24th August 2005
Time: 9:00-17:30

Place: Room B and C  

Organizing chairs:
Session Plan:



Date: 23rd-25th August 2005
Time: 9:00-17:30
Place: Room G 

Organizing Chairs:




Session Plan:




Date: 22nd August 2005
Time: 9:00-17:30
Place: Room G 

Organizing Chairs:


Session Plan: