Time: August 25, 16:00 - 17:30 (Room C)
Chair: Kewin Stoeckigt (AARNet)

Objectives: An information only BoF and a 'get together' for Apan member participated in a ENUM trial, who are currently participating or who intend to participate in an ENUM trial. Several issues will be raised, such as Privacy, Number Validation, etc.


- Welcome & Objectives (K. Stoeckigt (AARNet), ~ 10 minutes)

- ENUM: A short overview (K. Stoeckigt (AARNet), ~ 10 minutes)

- The Australian ENUM Trial and AARNet as a Tier 2 Registrar (K. Stoeckigt (AARNet), ~ 10-15 minutes)

- The Taiwanese ENUM Trial (J. Yeh (TWNic), ~ 15-20 minutes)

- Privacy Issues (A. Mayerhofer (enum.at), ~ 15-20 minutes) [remote]

- Validation (B. Hoeneisen (SWITCH), ~ 15-20 minutes) [remote]

- Wrap up, Discussion (K. Stoeckigt (AARNet), ~ rest of the time)

- ENUM Experience Sharing, Dickson Loh