Event Committee Meeting

Time: Aug 24 16:00-17:30
Place: Room H
Chair: Akira Mizushima
Secretary: Pipot


1. Roll call
2. Follow-up report - about 23rd (2007.1) meeting
3. Hosting future APAN Member Meetings
    3.1 23rd (2007.1) meeting - Final presentation - Denis F. Villorente/ASTI
    3.2 24th (2007.7/8) meeting - Continuation discussion from Bangkok meeting
    3.3 25th (2008.1/2) meeting
4. Discussion - Cost of Hosting and Participating in APAN Meetings
5. AOB

    - 24th (2007.7/8) meeting: Xi An/CN
    - 25th (2008.1/2) meeting: Hawaii/US with Internet2 Joint Tech

Draft Minutes:

1. Decision has been made on the host of the following APAN meeting as follows:
- 23rd meeting (January 22-26, 2007) - Manila/PH (confirmed)
- 24th meeting (August 19-24, 2007) - Xi'an/CN
- 25th meeting (January 20-25, 2008) - Hawaii/US
* The organizers of Xi'an meeting is still waiting for the formal approval
from the government regarding the event and this should be received in a
month's time. The organizers are confident that they will get the
approval since they submitted a good proposal to the government.

2. Cost of hosting and participating in APAN meetings
- On the cost of hosting and participating in APAN meeting, the
participants of the meeting agreed that efforts have to be made to
minimise the cost in order to lessen the financial burden on the part of
organizers as well as participants.
- To attract young scientist, the fellowship program needs to be
strengthened to support their participation.
- One suggestion forwarded is to ask primary members to provide additional
funds that will go directly to the fellowship program.

* Presentations:
- Status Report
21st APAN Meeting - Tokyo
22nd APAN Meeting - Singapore
- Final Presentation
23rd APAN Meeting - Manila
- Proposal
24th APAN Meeting - Xi'An, China
25th APAN Meeting - Hawaii