Grid WG Meeting

Time : Aug 25  16:00-17:00
Place : Room H
Chair : K. Aida

Presentation Material

Discussion of activities (collaboration and promotion)
- Document a white paper which describe summary of Grid activities in
Asia Pacific region
- who is doing what?
- APAN Grid, ApGrid, PRAGMA, APEC/TEL, etc.
- will submit to the GGF

Plans for the next APAN
Will have three sessions

- One tutorial session (90min)
Should be application oriented.
Possible applications include
- Medical Grid
- Geo Science
- Earthquake engineering
- Sensor Grid
Topics will be decided through discussions via the mailing list.

- One joint technical session with NR area (90min)
- have two (or three) speakers from NR area
- hear their scenarios and requirements
- consult / give advice for making their applications Grid enabled
- should be bof/brain storming rather than regular session
- Ninomiya-san will be responsible for selection of speakers
- detailed program will be discussed via the mailing list

- One administrative session (60min)