Program Committee Meeting

Time : Aug 26 fri, 16:00-17:30
Place : Room E (CR-403, 4th floor)
Chair : Bok-Gyu Joo
Secretary : Pipot Abdon


1. Roll call
2. Agenda bashing

3. Review of Taipei conference program

4. APAN Conference Program for 21st Meetings
- Review of workshop/session proposals
- Input from Tokyo organizers(?)
- Drafting programs

5. Tutorials
- Candidate topics
- tutorial chair

6. Other business
- Candidates for keynote speech
- Updates of committee members
- Milestones

7. Future meetings.

Supporting Document

Draft Minutes:

Review of Taipei conference program

* Have seen continuous improvement in the program. Talks covered collaboration and issues that concern APAN as a whole. Pleased with the program
* Quantity: number of technical sessions under APAN WGs are less than before
* Lambda Networking is very important topic so need to encourage organizers to conduct technical session in the next meeting
* The common sessions (additional plenaries) this time has less attendance than expected
* APAN 101 is not well attended but it is a well prepared session so plan to do it next time

Review of workshop/sessions for 21st meeting

* Requests that require 1 to 2 days need more discussion as this will mean more resources on the part of the organizers
* E2E Performance workshop might require 2 days (1.5 days for hands on and the rest for discussion). This could run parallel with other APAN session and expecting up to 20 participants
* Next Generation Applications (NGA) organizers plan to setup the session in such a way that participants can go in and out of the sessions to watch particular demos or participants can also stay for the whole period. Decided to have a morning plenary(one slot) for NGA. Then, the rest of the day would be the NGA workshop
* The testing session proposed by JW Kim requires a secured room due to the equipment but this is not a session. One suggestion is to set aside a secured space in the exhibition room.
* Medical group is very active and their request for 1 full day is reasonable
* Check with the ENUM organizers if the proposed 2 slots is for workshop or technical session
* Other related non-APAN meetings like AP* retreat could be coordinated by the local organizers with the APAN secretariat
* BoF sessions will be allocated either early in the morning or lunch or towards the end of the conference day
* For the NR sessions, given the huge request for the next meeting, some sessions might be allocated on Sunday (Jan 22, 2006)

On Tutorials
* There might be some more requests later esp the local organizers to attract participants from Japan
* One tutorial suggested is on middleware (e.g. PKI, authentication, setting up federations, etc). James Sankar from AARNET was identified as one potential speaker and representative from internet2 would be interested in this session as well

On Keynote Speaker
* It is mentioned that the local organizers are responsible in identifying the speakers for the opening plenary but the program committee could make a recommendation
* The local organizers want to identify some speakers for this session to attract participants
* Another recommendation is to identify well-known personalities in the Asia Pacific Region and Francis was requested to send in the nomination as soon as possible (in one week)

Other Business
* Everyone agreed that the monthly tele/videoconference sessions were very useful in getting everyone updated and get things moving on the preparation
* It was agreed to conduct a monthly session during the last Friday of the month. Program Committee from 8:00-9:00am BKK time (GMT + 7:00), Organizing Committee from 9:00-10:00am BKK time (GMT + 7:00)