APAN Council Meeting
Chair: Shigeki Goto
Secretariat: Wanchai Rivepiboon
Date & Time: Thursday, January 26, 12:00-15:30

Meeting Minutes(Draft):

1. Amendment of the bylaws
Section 7.6 of the current bylaws says the following:
"7.6 Elections shall be carried out at an APAN Meeting immediately preceding the expiry of the term of office of elected officers."
In reality, we could not conduct the election at Tokyo meeting due to the lack of time. There was a proposal for the elections to extend Tokyo meeting by using E-mail communications. However, the majority of primary members council agreed that it is reasonable to amend the bylaws to have the election before the term will be expired. The new sentence will be drafted by Lawrence. [action item 1]

2. Election procedure
It is necessary to have a clear document for the election procedure. George and Lawrence will propose the procedure to the primary members. [action item 2]

3. Budget for 2006
The budget for 2006 should be approved by the primary members council. Wanchai showed a simple table for year 2006. However, primary members requested more detailed figures. For example, 'salary' should be broken down into each staff salary. TAX needs explanation. Wanchai will show the new budget which is based on new estimation, not based on the old figure of year 2005. [action item 3]

4. Status of membership
Sures told that APAN-MY has not received an invoice from APAN secretariat. There was a possibility of sending to the wrong postal address. APAN secretariat will look into the record. [action item 4]

5. APAN Incorporated
Currently, APAN itself is not a legal entity while there is a legal body in Thailand who is the owner of APAN bank account. There were voices that APAN should be incorporated. There was a survey when APNIC was incorporated. APAN primary members should provide the information about the legal process in each member economy. [action item 5]