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GH Meeting

Date: 22 Jan 2006
Time: 14:00-15:30
Place: Room AIST  

Chair: Yongjin Park

1.COEX-NYU Cyberperformance (DancingQ ver.2)AnKyu Hwang (Chungnam National University)
2.KOREN BGP Routing Management System Seung-Joon Seok (Kyungnam Univ.)
3.Flow-level Traffic Monitoring Youngseok Lee (Chungnam National University)
4.Traffic Analysis of APIIMasami FUKUDA (KEPCO)
5.Remote Medical Experimentation between Chulalongkorn and Kyushu Univ over AsiaBB NTT Communications
6.APII and related Network's Updates:NICT,KISDI
7. Closing


FellowshipCommittee Meeting

Date: 22 Jan 2006
Time: 16:00-17:30
Place: Room AIST  

Chair: Jennifer Ann
Pujan Srivastava

  1. Agenda bashing
  2. Concluding Businesses for FP-Tokyo
  3. Fellows awarded and fellows joining the meeting
  4. Fellowship Budget
  5. Review the fellowship report for Member Meeting
  6. Fellowship issues for the next Meeting including expected fellow number, accommodation and others
  7. The Budget issues
  8. Other Issues


Meeting Minutes(Draft)--
2.Objectives of the fellowship committee and selection guidelines were discussed while it is agreed that selection of fellows should be based on the membership fee of developing economies.
3.APAN secretariat suggested to push more money towards fellowship in order to encourage young generation.
4.Try to find the donations so that fellowship program fund raised.
5.Tokyo fellowship budget issues were discussed. Tokyo fellowship budget issues were discussed and agreed.

Event Committee

Date: 23 Jan 2006
Time: 14:00-15:30

Place: Room AIST  

Organizing chair: Akira Mizushima

Secretary: Pujan Srivastava


1.Roll call
2.Presentation of the detailed plan for next APAN member meetings 22nd APAN meeting in Singapore-2006.7.17-21
3.Update- 24th meeting (August 19-24, 2007) - Xi'an/CN
4.Hosting future APAN Member Meetings 26th meeting - 2008.7/8
5.Special event for the 10th anniversary of the APAN meeting * The first APAN meeting was held in Seoul at August, 1996.
6. AOB


Meeting Minutes(Draft)--

1. Preparations repot for the 22nd APAN Singapore Meeting
- The representative of SingAREN did detailed presentation.
- The committee advised when it referred to "Cost of hosting and participating in APAN meetings

2.Update for the 24th APAN meeting at Xian China (19-24 August, 2007)
- The CSTNET delegation reported that we was decided of hosting of this meeting formally. Date is about to change since weather is humid and hotter in this season (August). About a detailed plan, it will be made clear in future.

3. Hosting future APAN Member Meetings 26th meeting
-2008.7/8 - REANNZ (Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand) applied for it. It will hold QueensTown, NewZealand at 27-31 July 2008 or 3-7 August 2008. About a detailed plan, it will be made clear in future.
-The committee decided to report this to the APAN chair.

4. Special event for the 10th anniversary of the APAN meeting - The committee chair reported and I recommended the APAN chair about this event. It will be set up in the 22nd APAN Singapore Meeting. The APAN chair will propose this event at the general assembly.

Grid Committee Meeting

Date: 23 Jan 2006
Time: 16:00-17:30

Place: Room AIST  

Organizing chairs: Kento Aida, TITECH
Secretary: Pujan Srivastava


Summary for the Tokyo meeting

---Discussion for the future plan

---Collaboration with Grid communities

---Plan for the next APAN meeting


Meeting Minutes(Draft):

1. Summary of the APAN Tokyo meeting
2. Grid workshop plan in the APAN Singapore meeting - a half day (90min x 2) - contacting Singapore people to discuss the detailed session plan - Is it possible to organize vendor session, which is organized by short presentations by vendors in SG.
3. Future collaboration The following topics are discussed and the audience agreed to continue discussion on email.
--(1) A white paper - idea for topics: - national projects and international collaboration - middleware technology - applications - common problem - APAN's contribution to Grid communities in AP - network requirement by Grid technology - How can Grid community contribute networking community? - What is missing to construct Grid infrastructure in AP?
--(2) ApGrid coordination - Satoshi Sekiguchi gave a talk for ApGrid collaboration, and the following topics are discussed: - how to coordinate Grid communities in AP - how to define ApGrid
--(3) Authentication and authorization frame work - Satoshi Matsuoka mentioned the importance to discuss to construct authentication and authorization frame work in AP.



South Asia Net Group Meeting

Date: 24th Jan 2006
Time: 14:00-15:30
Place: Room AIST  

Organizing Chairs: M. Hakikur Rahman

1. Roll call
2. Status of each country
3. Finalization of a joint proposal for TEIN3/regional connectivity;
4. Selection of a new chair for SA group
5. Miscellaneous


HDTV WorkGroup Meeting

Date: 24th Jan 2006
Time: 16:00-17:30
Place: Room AIST  

Organizing Chairs: JW Kim, GIST

Objective-This meeting will discuss WG activities on promoting the development of interoperable network-based delivery of HD video.


-Reports: Member reports & HD video over IP technology update (ALL)
-Discussion on the inter-operability and standardization of HD video over IP

* The Real-Time Transport Protocol Framework, HDTV and Standards Development -  (speaker:  Ladan Gharai - USC ISI; Colin Perkins - University of Glasgow). In this talk we will discuss existing and on going standards development in the Internet Engineering Task Force which relate to video and HD video transport. This includes RFCs developed in the Audio Video Transport working group standardizing RTP payload formats for video transport: ranging from SMPTE 292M circuit emulation to compressed and uncompressed video formats.  Additionally, we will discuss ongoing work on congestion control for real-time and media applications.

* Status of Interconnectivity verification of i-Visto - (Speaker: Tetsuo Kawano and Takeaki Mochida / NTT Laboratories) NTT has developed uncompressed HDTV-over-IP transmission system called i-Visto. In this talk we report the verification result of the connectivity of i-visto and various video equipments. We also describe the problem to be solved in future.

* Interoperable HD video over IP: How to? - (speaker: JongWon Kim - GIST & ANF HDTV WG) In this talk, we will discuss how to move ahead the interoperability activities on HD video over IP.

* Research Channel's talk on the inter-operability (speaker: Mike Wellings -Research Channel)

* Discussion on HDTV over IP collaboration - (all participants)


SIP Working Group Meeting

Date: 25 Jan 2006
Time: 16:00-17:30
Place: Room AIST

Organizing Chairs: Stephen Kingham and Quincy Wu


Speakers: Stephen Kingham (AU), Quincy Wu (TW),


--WG Activity: 15min
--Member Updates (round table introductions)
--Project Status: 15min*2



Global SIP Dialing Plans: ENUM,, and ISN

Date: 25 Jan 2006
Time: 9:00-10:30
Place: Room AIST  

Organizing Chairs: Denis Barron, Ben Teitelbaum, Stephen Kingham


09:00 --10:30

Global SIP Dialing Plans: ENUM,, and ISN

Speakers: Dennis Baron, MIT and Internet2 Chair, Ben Teitelbaum, Internet2, and Stephen Kingham, AARNet.

  1. The Initiative [ PDF ] by Denis Barron (MIT)
  2. Internet Subscriber Number (ISN) trial [PDF] by Ben Teitelbaum (Internet2)
  3. SIP Peering, GDS, and ENUM by Stephen Kingham (AARNet)



Program Committee

Date: 25 Jan 2006
Time: 14:00-15:30
Place: Room AIST  

Organizing Chairs: Bokgyu Joo

1. Roll Call
2. Agenda bashing
3. Review of 21st conference program
4. Brief introduction to the 22nd APAN Meeting- SG 22nd APAN: 2006. 7. 17-21 (mon-fri)
5. Review of proposals submitted -APAN Sec
6. Draft scheduling for Singapore
7. Suggestions to improve committee and program- JOO
7.1 Stability of APAN Sec
7.2 Coordinators(?)
- For the future meeting.
- Tutorials
- Network Research Workshop
7.3 Updating members
8.Other Issues and Comments
8.1 Milestones
9. Next meetings and teleconferencing facility 


Program Commitee Milestones
For 22nd APAN Conference in Singapore, 2006.7.17-21(mon-fri)
2006.01.25 Program committee meeting in Tokyo. Initial conference program
2006.02.28 Due formal/late workshop/session proposal
2006.03.30 Finalize workshops with organizers
2006.04.30 Finalize workshops with session lists
2006.06.20 Finalize speakers with abstracts
2006.07.01 Print brochure
2006.07.17-21 22nd APAN Meetings in Singapore
Milestones for 23rd APAN Conference in Manila. 2007.1.22-26
2006.07.01 Announcement of 'Call for Draft Proposals'
2006.07.20 Program committee meeting in Singapore for drafting the program  

Supporting Documents:

21st APAN Meeting Summary | 22nd APAN Meeting Slot Requests | Singapore Proposals



APAN NR Area Meeting

Date: 26 Jan 2006
Time: 9:00-10:30
Place: Room AIST  

Organizing Chairs: Chris Elvidge, Pisuth Paiboonrat

Objectives: To discuss on the following issues:

  • Achievement

  • Future plan

  • Intra-inter group collaboration

  • Challenges and recommendations

Last Updated 25 Jan 2006