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End-to-End Performance Workshop

Date: 22-23 Jan 2006
Time: 9:00-17:30

Place: Room 5C1  

Organizing chairs:
Jim Williams, John Hicks, Heather Boyles, Matt Zekauskas, Yasuichi Kitamura
Objectives: Introduce tools used to diagnose end-to-end performance problems in the US, Europe, and Asia. Installation of those tools on machines controlled by the participants. Practical exercises using those tools. Exchange of information among participants, including tools used locally.

Target audience:
APAN Network NOC engineers, Graduate students (Ph.D. and master students), Network Researchers

Session Plan:

1. End-to-end performance diagnosis

2.Policy and Procedure considerations

3.NTP (network time protocol): introduction and configuration

4. Tools for debugging: explanation, configuration, use [NDT, OWAMP, AMP, BWCTL/IPERF]

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Network Engineering Workshop (NOC)

Date: 24th Jan 2006
Time: 11:00-15:30

Place: Hall B  

Organizing chairs: Konishi (JP), Li (CN), Morgan & Myers (AU), Lee (KR)
Objectives: This session will encourage the collaborations of network engineers & NOC staff to integrate North American R&E networks, GEANT2/TEIN2 and APAN, especially for high performance networking, new services and new network projects.

Session Plan:
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Network Security

Date: 24th Jan 2006
Time: 15:00-17:30
Place: Hall B  

Moderators: Heather Boyles, Internet2 and Jim Williams, Indiana University

Objectives: The objective of these two sessions is to provide a current look at network operations security issues and practices amongst APAN member country networks and affiliated networks; and to stimulate discussion about development activities that need to take place in developing new tools for network security management and new thinking about the framework in which we deal with network security.

Target Audience:APAN National Research and Education Networking managers and operators - particularly those with responsibility for or active in the management of network security issues. Also, network technologists working on security tools development; also those interested in discussing longer-term network security management issues. 

Session Plan:

1. Internet2's Security at Line Speed (SALSA) initiative: addressing near-term and longer-term network security issues for advanced research and education networks
  - H. Boyles, Internet2 - 15 minutes

2. Tools for detecting security incidents - experience with and plans for the Arbor boxes at Indiana University and the Abilene network -
  - J. Williams, J. Hicks - 15 minutes

3. APAN plans in network security operations
  - Y. Kitamura, APAN NOC - 25 minutes

4. The authenticated v6 network in China
  - WU Jianping, CERNET - 15 minutes

5. Internet2's Abilene security exercise: description of the exercise and lessons learned
  - C. Robb - 15 minutes

6. Plans for an APAN - TransPAC2 - Abilene security exercise: description of plans and opportunities for participation
  - J. Williams, C. Robb - 5 minutes


Security Workshop

Date: 25th Jan 2006
Time: 9:00-13:30
Place: Room 5C1  

Organizing Chairs: Rahmat Budiarto

Co-Chairs: Yoshiaki Kasahara


-To exchange information and experiences on security system implementation in edge network among the APAN members

-To discuss current security issues on edge networks

-To increase the collaboration works to handle security issues in APAN community

Session Plan:
Session1: 9:00-10:30

1. .Five years experience of 'SecureNet Program': Osaka University security education program
Speaker: Hiroki Nogawa Cybermedia Center, Osaka University, Japan Secureware Inc.

2. Recent Security Issues and Attack Trends in Kyushu University Campus Network
Speaker: Yoshiaki Kasahara, Computing and Communication Center, Kyushu University

3. Network Security Incident Analysis System for Detecting Large-scale Internet Attacks
Speaker: Kenji Rikitake / Mr. Koji Nakao Security Advancement Group, NICT, Japan

Session 2: 11:00-12:30

Working Group Meeting--


SIP Tutorial: Understand SIP-based VoIP Technology

Date: 22-23 Jan 2006
Time: 9:00-17:30
Place: Room 5C1  

Organizing Chairs: Stephen Kingham and Quincy Wu

Objectives: To get participants to understand the flexibility and power of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and how it is applied in VoIP system. This tutorial is a regular activity of the SIP-H323 Working Group to bring SIP to the attention of APAN members and try to populate the knowledge we have learned in this area.

Target Audience:
APAN Members who are interested in SIP or VoIP.

Session Plan:

  1. Introduction to IP Telephony, Stephen Kingham
  2. Introduction to SIP , Quincy Wu
  3. SIP Authentication & Peering, Stephen Kingham


SIP Workshop& Presentations

Date: 22-23 Jan 2006
Time: 9:00-17:30
Place: Room 5C1  

Organizing Chairs: Stephen Kingham, Quincy Wu

Objectives: Advanced SIP topics will be covered from various Members to help others apply the same advanced features.

Target Audience:
APAN Members to participate in SIP, and Researchers wanting to work with SIP quickly.

Session Plan:

1. SIP User Agents Configuration and Fault Finding
Speaker: Quincy Wu

2. SER Configuration and SIP Peering including ENUM
Speaker: Stephen Kingham

3. From Taiwan SIP Mobility in IPv4/IPv6 Network
Speaker: Che-Hua Yeh

4. Using Radius and LDAP with SER SIP Proxy for user Authentication
Speaker: Nimal Ratnayake


IPv6 TF Meeting

Date: 24th Jan 2006
Time: 11:00-17:30
Place: Room 5C1  

Organizing Chairs: Jianping Wu

Objectives: Provide information of IPv6 development in the area of technology, infrastructure and applications.

Target Audience: Researchers and students be interested in IPv6 development and applications.

Session Plan:
1100-1230 IPv6 Activities in APAN community Session Chair: Jianping WU
1.Live E-project Speaker: Hiroshi Esaki/WIDE
2.The National Advanced IPV6 Center of Excellence (NAV6) in Malaysia-Country Update Speaker: Sureswaran Ramadass
3.CA*net 4 IPv6 update (5 minutes) Speaker: Bill St.Arnaud, Senior Director Advanced Networks for CANARIE Inc., Canada
4.IPv6 Deployment in Thailand Speaker: Passakon Prathombutr, Ph.D / NECTEC, Thailand IPv6 Forum
5.IMS/MMD, The IPv6 Factor Speaker: Yves Popps Panel Discussion:

1230-1330 Lunch
1400-1600 IPv6 Technology and Applications Development of APAN members Session

 Chair: Yan MA
1.IPv6 inactivity in Australia Speaker: Mark Prior
2.TEIN2-APAN update Speaker: Jilong WANG/CERNET
3.IPv6 activities of Internet2 Speaker: Matt Zekauskas /Internet2
4.TransPAC2 IPv6 Measurement Plans Speaker: Williams, James G
5.Mobile IPv6 WLAN deployment over KAIST Speaker: Heesang Park
6.CNGI/CERNET2 update Speaker: Yan MA/CERNET-BUPT

16:30-17:30 Panel Discussion: Topic: What Feature of IPv6 will benefit the Next Generation Internet



Lambda Networking

Date: 25th Jan 2006
Time: 14:00-17:30
Place: Room 5C1  

Organizing Chairs: Akira Kato and Jysoo Lee

Objectives: update on Lambda Networking, sharing of experiences and
to generate enough momentum towards lambda networking in the region

Target audience:
Those engaged, or interested in lambda networking.
Network engineers, designers, and managers of national research

Session Plan:
Tentative topics include updates of networks engaged in optical networking; status of T-Lex and other planned lambda exchange points; status of GLIF. This time there are number of potential activities to be presented as Gloriad circuits have been operational and number of demonstrations were successfully held in iGRID2005 and will be expected in SC|05.

1.T-Lex Update-Speaker: Akira Kato

2.Gloriad-Speaker: Lee

3. Lambda Networking in TWAREN New Architecture Design ---:NCHC, Taiwan

3. Measurement for “Next-Generation” Networks -Speaker: Matt Zekauskas

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