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Opening Plenary

Date: 23rd Jan 2006
Time: 9:00-10:30


Organizing chair: Jianping Wu (Vice chair of APAN, China)

Session Plan:

1. The Perspective of Internet2 on the Future of Global Network Development and Cooperation - Douglas E. Van Houweling (Internet2)

2. Towards a Petascale Research Grid Infrastructure in 2010 - Satoshi Matsuoka (Tokyo Inst. Technology & National Inst. Informatics)

Special Plenary: Next Generation Applications over Next Generation Exchanges

Date: 24th Jan 2006
Time: 9:00-10:30

Organizing chairs: Jacqueline Brown

Session Plan:

1. Bulk Data Transfer in Large High Energy

Glenn Moloney Professor of Physics University of Melbourne Physics Datasets

2.Open Exchanges and Lambda Networks: Is this the Future of the (Inter)Net

John Silvester Executive Director, Center for Learning Technology Professor of Electrical Engineering University of Southern California Board Chair, CENIC



TEIN2 - Launch

Date: 24th Jan 2006
Time: 17:30-19:00

Organizing Chairs & Members: David West

Session Plan:

1. TEIN2 presentation

2. Invited Speakers (tba)

3. Reception


Closing Plenary

Date: 26th Jan 2006
Time: 9:00-10:30

Organizing Chair: George McLaughlin (Vice chair of APAN, Australia)


Session Plan:

1. Global challenges for Research Networks - Dai Davies (DANTE)

2. AP* retreat - Zita Wenzel and Endo Atsushi

3. APRU - Zita Wenzel

4. SDLEARN ( -- Buenafe R. Abdon


General Assembly

Date: 26th Jan 2006
Time: 11:00-12:30

Organizing Chairs: Shigeki Goto


Session Plan:

1. Report from a member, apan-kr
2. Report from a member, PERN update
3. Secretariat report
4. Presentation of MOST, Thailand
5. Application technology area report
6. EM-WG and the nighttime lights of Asia
7. Technology area report
8. Election comm. report
9. Program comm. report
10. Event comm. report
11. Local arrangement report
12. Next meeting in singapore



Draft Minutes

1.The following primary members have representatives in the General Assembly - PERN, AARNET, APAN-JP, APAN-CN, ANF, APAN-MY, APAN-TH, HARNET, LEARN, SingAREN, ASTI

2. Secreatariat Report

3. MOST was approved for associate membership

4. The following new working groups were proposed and endorsed by the General Assembly.

- middleware

- e-culture

5 Technology area report.

6. Election report: following nominations were put forward and endorsed

- backbone comm. chair - Dong Kyun Kim

- event comm. - Mizushima.

- fellowship - Rahmat Budhiarto

- grid comm. - Kendo Aida.

- election - George McLaughlin

- noc and engineering - Kazunori Konishi.

- training. no response.

EC will followup and seek advice from the chair of training comm. executives nominations: - ec proposed to have the executives election in the apan council meeting however since many of the members have early return flights, - chair, prof. goto suggested to have the elections for the executives by online election either by e-mail or online meeting. Agreed by the primary members representatives.

7. Suggestion to APAN-SEC to setup the website for 22nd apan meeting as soon as possible.

8. Proposal from new zealand to host 26th apan meeting (REANNZ- reseach and education advanced network, new zealnad) - to be discussd in council meeting. MY representative informed the GA that earlier there was a proposal from MY to host the 26th APAN meeting in MY.

9.The list of organizations/total no. of attendees for the 21st APAN meeting in tokyo were presented. Total number of participants were 369 and total number of organization were 148.

10. 15 sponsors for the 22nd APAN meeting in Tokyo

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