Session CCIRN 2007
Agenda The CCIRN 2007 DRAFT Meeting Agenda (08/08/07)
Sunday, 26 August
Xi'an, China


(1) Roll Call
(2) Review last meeting minutes/agenda bashing
(3) Next generation network projects
    --GEANT3(David West/DANTE, EU)
    --CNGI(Xing Li/CERNET, CN)
    --GENI(Kevin Thompson/NSF, USA)
(4) Optical networking
    --NLR 'optical' capabilities(John Silvester/NLR, USA)
    --Internet2 and other national-scale North American networks 'optical' capabilities (Heather Boyles/Internet2, USA)
    --GLIF(Kees Neggers/SURFnet, NL)
    --GLIF WG(Erik-Jan Bos/SURFnet, NL)
    --SINET3(Shigeo Urushidani/SINET, JP)
    --KREONET2 and GLORIAD-KR(Yong-jin Park/ANF, KR)


(5) Support for the high performance applications(Xing Li/CERNET, CN)
(6) Physical diversity, particularly on trans-oceanic cables
    --Atlantic cable usage and possibilities for coordinating on cable diversity (Heather Boyles/Internet2, USA)
    --New Trans-Pacific cable systems and potential opportunities (George McLaughlin, AU)
(7) The continental Compendia of NRENs
    --Karel Vietsch/TERENA, EU
    --Shigeki Goto and George McLaughlin, APAN
(8) Reviewing regional networking projects
    --The status of TEIN2/3, and EUMEDCONNECT, and where we are with Africa from a European perspective (David West/DANTE, EU)
    --The status of RedCLARA(Florencio I. Utreras/LA,UY)
(9) A preliminary discussion about the needs and opportunities for intercontinental assistance(Karel Vietsch/TERENA, EU)
(10) RENOG(James G. Williams/IU, USA)
(11) EARNEST foresight study(Dorte Olesen/TERENA, EU)
All Presentation Material can be download here->http://www.ccirn.org/ccirn2007/






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