Open Call for Sessions at APAN43

The members of the APAN Community at large are now invited to submit their meeting/workshop proposals to APAN43 in India in February 12-17, 2017. Many of the Working Groups (WGs) and Task Forces (TFs) have already submitted their session proposals.

Please see the APAN43 Program Schedule for information on available time slots for different types of sessions, and already allocated time slots at this stage.

Key Dates of Submissions

  • By Midnight of November 30, 2016 GMT

    The Intention of Meetings/Workshops must be submitted. It must include title, names emails and affiliations of the proposers, 5 keywords, target audience and size, and seating arrangement (if no specific requirement of seating arrangement, the seating will be arranged as classroom style). Also, please indicate any scheduling constraints due to travel arrangements, availability of resource persons etc, and indicate other regular WG/TF sessions (if any) that your session should not overlap or clash.
  • By Midnight of December 15, 2016 GMT

    The Outline must be submitted. It must include information of brief meeting objectives and proposed speakers with name and affiliation. This is to provide at least information on the website for prospective attendees as well as meeting sponsors.
  • By Midnight of January 9, 2017 GMT

    The Full Proposal must be submitted. It must include speakers’ short biographies, their topics and abstracts and any technical requirements.


Guidelines for submission of Proposals

You may submit your proposal in by filling the session submission form and sending it to the APAN Secretariat.

When making a submission, you can choose a session structure that suits your session, such as a moderated discussion or presentations or panel. The time can also be flexible to accommodate the meetings, most meeting slots will be 90 minutes, but the last slot in the afternoon is only 60 minutes.

All proposals will be accepted based on space availability and we will attempt to accommodate all requests, on a first-come, first-served basis. Your flexibility with day/time selections and meeting duration will assist us in accommodating your request.

The session submissions once approved, will appear in the APAN43 Program Schedule.