Event Committee

Chair : Yasuichi Kitamura [ kita AT jp.apan.net ]
Mailing List: 
event AT apan.net

Event Committee is entrusted with the task of selecting sites for APAN Events, which include APAN Member Meetings and other APAN related events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, and tutorials. Its terms of reference includes:

  • Developing guidelines and procedures to select APAN related events.
  • Developing the application form to host APAN Meetings.
  • Evaluating the applications and selecting a site.
  • Recommending a local host for an APAN Event to APAN Member Committee.


Yasuichi Kitamura / JP
Markus Buchhorn / General Manager, APAN
Nimal Ratnayake / APAN Secretariat

Last Updated: 

2018 Sep 20