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The APAN Backbone Committee (BBC), coordinates the development of the APAN backbone links in the region and the interconnectivity between the APAN members with Europe and North America as well as the other regions of the world. Primary goals are to ensure complementarity, mutual back-up, and mutual transit as well as the optimal use of R&E networking hubs and Open Exchanges. To this end, BBC meets at every APAN Conference to receive update briefs from involved entities and to discuss strategies ahead.

It is to be noted that APAN NOC, another very important group in APAN, holds the Network Engineering Workshop (NEW) at every APAN conference. The focus of BBC would be on the ‘connectivities’ and the strategic planning side of the APAN links whereas NOC and NEW would take care of the engineering side.


  • An updated list of deliverables will be discussed during the APAN42 in Hong Kong