APAN Working Groups
APAN has 13 Working Groups and 1 Birds-of-Feather (BoF). These working groups are categorised into Application and Technology Area. Working groups are led by a Chair and several or 1 Co-Chair. This positions have a term of 2 years by an election either held during APAN meetings or virtually. Working groups are active all year long with planned activities. Some of the activities are meetings, workshops, trainings, collaborative research activities. APAN meetings function as a platform for these Working Groups to present on their activities.

Application area are various research applications used on the technology layer to enhance the need for high bandwidth infrastructure. Some of the key application working groups that APAN has supported since it’s formation is Medical Working Group, Agriculture Working Group and Disaster Mitigation. As APAN grew, more application working groups are formed via a Task Force or Birds-of-Feather

Technology areas are the various technologies to support the applications of the National Research & Education Network. As technology rapidly evolves, APAN aims to keep up to these technological advancements via it’s working groups activities.

Currently Inactive Working Groups