1. Budget: The APAN Board sets aside at the AGM 10% of its end-of-year balance for grant funding approved activities in the next year, i.e. to the next AGM.
  2. Purposes: The purposes of activities funded must align with the Objects of APAN.
  3. Eligibility:
    1. Any Working Group or Task Force Chair, any Board director, or a Member nominee can make a submission to seek funding.
    2. Funds can be spent on any items and activities that provide meaningful value to the community being supported. This includes assets, travel support, leasing, workshop costs, salaries/fees, etc. They need to be specified in the proposal budget.
  4. Process:
    1. Proposals may be received at any time, by email to [email protected]
    2. Proposals should demonstrate how they leverage the money, to attract more funding, and how they achieve scalable and enduring outcomes.
    3. Materials developed should be re-usable across different economies.
    4. Applications are initially reviewed by the GM for sanity and then submitted to the Board for assessment at their monthly meetings.
    5. Applications are approved on a first-come/first-served basis while sufficient grant funds are available. The APAN website will note funded projects and their grants, and the remaining available budget.
    6. All grant funds must be expended through the APAN Secretariat, to meet audit requirements for agreed expenditure and proper receipts.
  5. Submissions must use this APAN Grant Application form
  6. Funding amounts:
    1. Grants will be funded to a maximum of $7500 if there are no other contributions.
    2. Grants will be funded to a maximum of $15000 if there are matching contributions (cash/in-kind)
  7. Funded projects must provide activity and expenditure reports every three months from the date of approval. Reports will be reviewed by the Board.
  8. Conclusion: Funded activities must include a final report and accounting of expenditure when they conclude. Poor/inadequate reporting will make it harder to be approved for future funding.
  9. Intellectual Property: Rights around any Intellectual Property generated by the project will be negotiated with the grantee. APAN seeks to ensure that all grant outcomes are made reasonably available to all APAN Members.