PULSE (Perspective, Updates, Learning, Stories & Experiences), is a collection of stories to highlight the impactful contributions of our members, inspiring greater engagement, and collaboration within our community.

Stories can encompass the below : 
  1. Community Buildings that created an impact to your community – big or small does not matter
  2. Research Collaborations
  3. Asi@Connect Projects that had benefited the NREN Community
  4. Inspirational Stories that could inspire others
  5. …. and many more  
We would like to strongly encourage the APAN community to take this opportunity to highlight the good, inspirational and success stories that you have been part. We hope these stories can shed light on APAN to the wider NREN community. 
With that, please find attached the call for stories. Deadline for submissions is by the 31st May 2024 (But we are still open to submissions) The first issue will be printed in August 2024 and distributed at APAN58 and APAN59. Please send your submissions to [email protected].