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Chair : Shuji Shimizu [ shimizu AT ]
Co-Chair : Ho-Seong Han [ hanhs AT ]
Co-Chair : Rungsun Rerknimitr [ ercp AT ]
Secretary : Ryoko Yoshida [ryoko-y AT]
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No one argue against the fact that there has been very rapid development in communication and information technology (CIT) in the world. Medical fields, however, have not necessarily caught up with the engineering advancement. Because image quality is a key in telemedicine and moving images are so helpful both in clinics and medical education, broadband and high-speed network is essential for medical telecommunication.

Medicine is one of the most important subjects for human being, and it is quite natural to organize a medical working group in APAN. WG focuses more on applications and local settings with the support of network engineering people. Our ultimate goal is to provide patients with better healthcare by exchanging our medical views and experiences using advanced CIT.


  1. To organize a cooperating team of medical and engineering people.
  2. To provide the best quality transmission of various medical contents.
  3. To expand advanced telemedicine systems in Asia-Pacific regions.
  4. To keep the system improved constantly with developing technology.
  5. To have worldwide collaborations.
  6. To promote medical standardization ultimately to provide patients with better healthcare.


  • 2017.08 - Election of office bearers for the Medical WG took place at APAN44
  • 2012.02 - An additional co-chair position was established
  • 2011.08 - Special Interest Group was organized
  • 2011.08 - Homepage was revised
  • 2011.02 - Medical WG was incorporated in to newly formed e-Science area
  • 2007.01 - Medical WG was extended to a new term
  • 2005.08 - Medical WG setup proposal was formally approved.
  • 2005.01 - Formally started Medical BoF at Bangkok 2005 meeting, Thailand.
  • 2003.08 - Participated and Presentation in APAN, Busan, Korea

About APAN Medical Working Group

Available Technology

1. H.323 Video Conference Systems: Polycom, Sony, Cisco, Lifesize, etc.

2. Vidyo: Client-server style Video Conferencing Software

3. Zoom: Cloud-based Video Conferencing Service

  • SD/HD-quality depends on the PC spec, several hundred kbps - several Mbps
  • Host account must be purchased, TEMDEC can provide temporal meeting room

4. Tele-pointer: visual collaborative pointing interface for telepresence

5. JoinView: Contents sharing companion tool
  Simple Manual for preview user

SIG (Special Interest Group)

Special Interest Groups (SIG) in APAN Medical Working Group

SIG Lists

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018


We have reviewed the collaborating groups and would like to reorganize them as Special Interest Group (SIG). The basic concept is as follows.

  1. This is "application" group which uses APAN for research and educational purposes.
  2. This is sub-working group in APAN Medical Working Group (APAN-MedWG).
  3. SIG is revised every year.
  4. To organize a new SIG, registration to APAN Med WG is necessary.
  5. SIG meeting is to be held every year at Asia Telemedicine Symposium (ATS) or other appropriate occasions, to discuss activities, problems, etc.
  6. SIG is supposed to have continuous activities, but could have only one special event in a registered year.
  7. Activities are basically international ones in Asia-Pacific, but domestic or other regional ones using academic network are also welcome .
  8. Contact person of the group is the one who can properly communicate, not necessarily the president or representatives of the group .

If you would like to apply to form a new SIG, please download the application form, and return it by email to the secretariat of the APAN Medical WG, Ms. Ryoko Yoshida, at ryoko-y AT


2018.10 - Call for Applications to APAN-Med WG Telemedicine Engineering Training at APAN47 in Korea.

● Deadline of submission: 31st (Wed), October, 2018

2018.8 - APAN Medical Working Group Session received ”Most Complete Session Description Award” at APAN 46th Meeting.

2018.5 - the 12th Asia Telemedicine Symposium(ATS2018) announced ”call for abstracts”: Abstract submissions have now been closed.

● ATS2018
  Date : November 9th (Fri) - 10th (Sat), 2018
  Venue: Kyushu University Hospital, Fukuoka, Japan

2018.3 - APAN Medical Working Group Session received ”The second most popular session” at APAN 45th Meeting.

2013.3 - Spotlight on Fukuoka

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Collaboration Wanted

Ophthamology at Veterans Memorial Center, Manila, the Philippines

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