Application Area

The APAN Agricultural Working Group (AGWG) started at the APAN Tsukuba meeting held in March 1998. A sub-group of AGWG became an independent working group of the Earth Monitoring Group
Identity & Access Management
Focussing about generating awareness and understanding IAM and is working to provide APAN members to develop and grow their IAM activities within their regions
The eCulture WG of APAN undertakes its role to make the research and education more active in Asia-Pacific region through applying ICT to the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences towards fruitful outcomes to the societies at large.
Disaster Mitigation
Federating resources to alleviate the natural disasters impacts and collaborating with broader communities in Asia supported by APAN framework is the long-term goal of APAN Disaster Mitigation Working Group (DMWG).
Focuses more on applications and local settings with the support of network engineering people. Our ultimate goal is to provide patients with better healthcare by exchanging our medical views and experiences using advanced CIT.
Open & Sharing Data
Good practices will be shared, obstacles and standards will be presented and discussed toward feasible suggestions and solutions towards sustainable development, climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience.