SIG-Marketing & Communications
The Special Interest Group on Marketing Communications, known as SIG-Marcomms, fosters cooperation among research and education networking organizations within the APAN community and globally within the areas of communications and marketing. Its members exchange insights, concepts, and optimal approaches regarding strategic planning and the effective execution of various initiatives. These include event and service promotion, internal and corporate communications, user outreach, and material production.
SIG-NREN Leaders Forum
The Special Interest Group on NREN Leaders Forum, known as SIG-NREN Leaders Forum is envisioned as an ongoing initiative to bring together decision-makers and executives from the NREN community. Its scope includes high-level discussions on the challenges, opportunities, and future directions for NRENs. The Leaders Forum will serve as a pivotal platform for engaging the leadership of RENs in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. By focusing on strategic discussions and collaborative approaches, the forum can have a significant impact on advancing the goals and vision of the REN community
SIG-Internet Governance
The Special Interest Group on Internet Governance, known as SIG-IG is formed as the need for effective Internet Governance has never been more crucial than it is at the present moment. As the digital landscape continues to evolve rapidly, the internet plays an increasingly central role in shaping our societies, economies, and individual lives. Internet Governance frameworks and policies set by national and international bodies directly impact the regulatory environment within which NRENs operate. Policies related to net neutrality, data protection, privacy, freedom of speech, intermediary liability and content regulation can significantly impact the services and operations of NRENs. Active participation in Internet Governance forums allows NRENs to contribute to the development of policies that support their specific needs and priorities. Considering such impact of Internet Governance on framing